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Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

Shadow Battle Bonus Arenas:
Successfully complete the Hyrulean Adventure to unlock the last five Shadow
Battle arenas.

Mini-games at Tingle's Tower:
Tingle's Tower is accessed by bringing two or more players to a already completed
level, or by completing the second stage of a level with two or more players.

World 1: Bucking Bronco
World 2: Cucco Wrangling
World 3: Hammer Tag
World 4: Monster Hunting
World 5: Volley, by Golly
World 6: Mole Melee
World 7: Monster Hunting Returns
World 8: Bonus Level (a short dungeon)

Tower Of Winds:
When playing the Tower Of Winds level in Shadow Battle, go to the Dark World. It
contains four switches. If you are able to hit all four, a Giant Bomb will fall into the
Light World, destroying anything that remains. If you are able to, grab another
player who is still in Light World and keep him there to really make them mad.

Phantom Ganon:
At the end of stage three, level 1 you will fight Phantom Ganon. Bounce back the
green balls he shoots with your sword. When you hit him with the green ball he will
fall down. Attack him with your sword. Do this untill he dies.

Get Tingle Tower easily:
After you complete a world, go back to it with two people. You will get an invitation
to Tingle's Tower.

The boomerang can be used to obtain out of reach Force Gems and other items.

Force Gems:
Obtain the Fire Rod and use it on a group of bushes. All of the bushes will reveal
one Force Gem each.

To get 300 Force Gems, obtain the shovel in the second area of level 2 and dig
behind the house with the two pots on the top and many pots inside of it
(southeast) to uncover a big Purple Force Gem that is worth 300.

Secret World:
In some areas in level 2, there will be places that flash and have a certain sound
when you are near them. This indicates that you need a Moon Pearl to go into
the "secret world" where all of the children are located.

Break line:
To break the line of customers in area 2 of level 2, use the boots to run into the
line. The people will briefly move away; hurry to the other side.

Victory counter:
When you defeat an enemy with your sword, a number where the enemy was
defeated will appear. This number indicates the number of enemies you have
defeated in a row without getting hit.

Tingle's Tower:

Beat your friends
Beat the time record
Get as many force gems as possible
Rules: Race your friends and the clock while watching out for obstacles, gems, and
carrots (to boost speed). Bonus: If you beat the clock, you'll get 500 force gems. The default record is 50 sec.


Gather as many stray cuccos as possible
Get as many gems as possible
Rules: 20 cuccos escaped the pen and are hidden throughout the area (including a
house, a cave, a field, and even the dark world). Gather them before everyone
else. Useful Tip: Throw them back in the pen from the bottom, not at the side or
you might miss. Bonus: There is a super fast cucco that is worth 300 gems. You
can tell which one it is by the way it blinks.

Defeating giant warriors:
When you are battling the giant warriors, if you have a Roc's Feather jump over
them and press B for an instant kill.

Charge Arrow:
The bow has a special feature in which you can charge your shot. Once the arrow
is charged, shoot it, and it will be able to go through enemies without stopping (for
example, Keeses).

Great Fairy Fountains:
When you go into A Great Fairy Fountain, you will be able to upgrade your current
weapon. The upgrades are as follows

Bomb: Makes the bomb bigger.
Boomerang: Allows you to throw the boomerang across the screen at a further
Bow: Allows you to shoot three arrows at a time.
Fire Rod: Allows you to shoot flames in four directions.
Lamp: No upgrade.
Magic Hammer: Allows you to emit larger impact radius.
Pegasus Boots: Allows you to run over holes and pits.
Roc's Feather: Allows you to perform a double jump.
Shovel: Allows you to detect treasure or secret passages with sound.
Slingshot: Allows you to shoot three stones at a time.

Rounding up thieves:
To round up the thieves in Level 5 Area 2, stun them with your sword then pick
them up with R. Bring them to the screen with a house and four treasure chests.
Throw them into the fence on the top right of the screen.

Get across horizontal gaps easily:
There is a way to get across horizontal gaps. The only downside is that you must
be going to the right. Go to the edge of the platform then hold C-Right. When you
get to the edge of the platform, get on quickly and release C-Right then press the
Analog-stick Right. Note: If you press the Analog-stick Right before you get to the
platform, you will fall.

Mario reference:
In Level 5 Area 2, after rounding up the thieves, go into the unlocked area on the
top of the screen. There will be a Chain Chomp there.

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