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Devil May Cry 2

Unlock Trish
To unlock Trish from Devil May Cry in Devil May Cry 2, beat Dante's Hard Mode.

Lucia's Second Secret Costume
To unlock Lucia's second secret costume, beat Lucia's Hard Mode.

Lucia/Dante Must Die Mode
To unlock Lucia/Dante Must Die Mode, You must beat Dante's Hard Mode to unlock
Dante Must Die mode, and beat Lucia's Hard Mode to unlock Lucia Must Die Mode.

Bloody Palace
To unlock Bloody Palace, beat the game with both characters.

Lucia's Secret Costume
To unlock Lucia's secret costume, beat the game with Lucia.

Dante's Secret Costume
To unlock Dante's secret costume, beat the game with Dante.

Lucia's Weapon List and Locations

Long Range-
Throwing Daggers - (Start off with them)
Darts - (Mission 3, on the bed with chains)
Cranky Bomb -
Bowgun - (Mission 7, on the floor in the room with the air vents)
Cutlaseer - (Star off with it)
Klyamoor - (Mission 3, in the train room)
Zambak - (Mission 10, on the wall in the room with the light u must strike
and the wizard looking enemies)

Dante's Weapon List and Locations

Handguns - (Start off with them)
Submachineguns - (Mission 15, there will be a space in thewall you can jump into)
Shotgun - (Mission 4, the room with the Bike after u defeat the boss)
Rocketlauncher - (Mission 9, in the plane)
Don't try finding more guns, this is it.
Rebellion - (Start off with it)
Merciless - (Mission 14, leaning on a wall, in the are with the light you
must strike, and wizard looking enemies)
Vendetta - (Mission 3, laying on the bed with chains)

Easy Defeat of Phantom with Lucia
Just like Dante, keep using your flip escape to avoid the fireballs, and the fire from
the ground. When Phantom approaches, lay down a field of Crankybombs, and
time it so he is in the middle of the row. This will eliminate his Health Gauge very
fast if you keep it up. When your Devil Trigger is full, engage, run up to Phantom,
and use the Rapid Hit combo on him.

Easy Defeat of Phantom With Dante
With Dante when you are fighting Phantom, use your Flip Escape a lot to avoid his
fireballs, and fire eruptions from the ground. Jump on his back, and let loos with
your Shotgun, or your RocketLauncher. When your Devil Trigger is filled, engage,
jump into the air and hold down Square to shoot at him rapidly. Like this he will die
very easily.

Easy Defeat of Arius-ArgoSax
For an easy defeat of Arius-ArgoSax, all you have to do is:

1) Hang back as far as you can and shoot your Default long range weapon at him.

2) When he gets near you to shoot the purple goo stuff on you, engage your
Devil Trigger, and run the the opposite side of the field.

Now repeat step one, and you can beat him no problem, even on the
Must Die mode.

Level select
Successfully complete the game as either character under any difficulty setting.

Flame Heart to Heal
You can use the Flame Heart amulet to heal! Once you get it in Mission 7 (Dante),
equip it, turn on Devil Trigger (L1), and go stand in some lava. Voila! Instant

Dante's Diesel bonus level and costume:
Play Dante's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the
"Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. A
sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to return to the main menu.
Choose the "Load game" option, press L1 or R1 to access the new costume, then
load a game to play the bonus level.

Lucia's Diesel bonus level and costume:
Play Lucia's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the
"Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. A
sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to return to the main menu.
Choose the "Load game" option, press L1 or R1 to access the new costume, then
load a game to play the bonus level.

In-game reset:
Hold Select then quickly press and hold Start during game play to return to the title

Easy game completion:
Use the following trick to complete the game easily with Lucia or Dante. Enable the
code to get Dante or Lucia's Diesel costume. As well as having the option of another
costume, you can repeat any level you have already completed. Simply repeat the
easy levels to gain Orbs, and upgrade your characters.

Mission 1: Secret area:
Enter the big doors to the right of the pillar where the Puia (flying harpies) first
appear in Mission 1.

Go through the level until you see a wall with a face. Press Circle and you should
enter a secret room.

Mission 1: Hidden Red Orbs:
Go to the part at the beginning where you double jump over the rubble blocking the
way ahead. Face the statue and double jump to the statue's shoulder, then again to
his head. Once on his head, at many Red Orbs will fall.

Mission 1: Unlimited Red Orbs:
Get the first Red Orb at the beginning then keep restarting the mission.

Mission 1: Unlimited Yellow Orbs:
After completing either character's game at least once and have unlocked the
"Mission Select" option, go to mission 1 and collect the Yellow Orbs. Save the game
and quit. You may now continue where you left off. This trick is useful when facing
the tougher Bosses on the harder settings.

Mission 2: Hidden areas:
Enter one of the rooms that has a coffin and bones in it. Go up to the coffin and press
Circle. This will take you to a hidden room full of enemies and some Red Orbs.

There are actually two secret areas in mission 2. Both are in separate rooms where
skeleton coffins are located. Check every coffin you see to find them.

Mission 3: Hidden area:
Before or after the cargo elevator trip, you will reach a door located between two
other doors with just a couple of stair steps. Stand in front of the door on the left side
of the screen and press Circle to enter a secret room.

Mission 4: Hidden area:
When you start, look for the first door on your left. It is not very big and is sticking
out slightly. Approach it and press Circle. It will lead to a secret area where big flying
creatures attack you.

Mission 5: Hidden area:
When you enter the barricaded area, go to Dante's left and fall off the cliff. There are
several medium Red Orbs. Follow that until the end. There will be an Orb Dispenser.
Go just to the left of the Orb Dispenser to find a garage-type door. Press Circle, and
there will be plenty of Homromsira in there.

Mission 6: Defeating the "head":
When you are fighting the "head", not when it is the full body, when it falls on the
ground and starts shooting lasers, wait for them to stop. You will have a few seconds
before it will go into the air again. In that time, run up to it and hit it with your sword
on the open mouth. It will do double or triple the damage.

When the head floats down to the ground and shoots its lasers, press Circle to flip
Dante around to the back of the head. Slash the monster while it is shooting the
lasers. After it is done, using the sword will help Dante's Devil Trigger to fill up. When
it is full, it will do even more damage.

Mission 7: Hidden area:
At the very end of the mission, before entering the door that leads to the roof, press
Circle at the door to the left.

Mission 8: Easy Red Orbs:
The level select option must first be unlocked for this trick .Select level 8. Fight and
defeat the opponent as quickly as possible without using items. You will get about
4,000 Red Orbs if you get a "B" rank.

Mission 10: Hidden area:
After defeating the giant butterfly and the larvae, you will go down a set of stairs.
After the game loads, go to the first set of doors you see and press Circle to enter
another hidden room.

Mission 14: Hidden area:
When you start the mission, turn around and press Circle against the door on the
left. You should enter a secret room with enemies to fight.

Mission 16: Hidden area:
On this mission, you will enter a room where you will find the item named Sacrilege.
Get the item to make the energy balls stop coming at you. Then, on the floor directly
under the balcony where the item was located, there will be a wall that resembles a
door. Press Circle in front of that wall and it will open a secret room.

Mission 16: Easy Red Orbs:
When you pass mission 16, you can get as many red orbs as desired. Go up and
down the elevator, killing all enemies. Remember to mix up your attacks to increase
your stylish bonus. Do not use a maxed-out weapon, as this will kill enemies too
quickly and not allow you to get your stylish up fast enough. If done correctly, you
can get up to 2,500 Red Orbs on each trip up and down the elevator. This may get
tedious, but is well worth it when you get to the "Must Die" modes. Save your data
when you have the desired number of orbs.

Defeating Possessed Arius:
Note: You can only fight Possessed Arius as Lucia. When you get to the second to last
mission (after the part where you are in the Big Urobos Buildiing Corps.), you will
have to fight Possessed Arius. He is also in Devil Trigger Mode. To defeat him, find
the Embaka and have it upgraded to at least level 2 or 3. Have your Arsenal,
Throwing Daggers, upgraded to level 2. While fighting, keep jumping in the air and
pressing Square rapidly until you fall. At least every five to ten seconds, Possessed
Arius will charge up (purple flames will form around his body). He will charge at you.
Jump in the air and keep pressing Square. When he is behind you while you a're in
the air, he might jump at you on the ground. When he falls, attack him with Triangle.
It is the best way to get your Devil Trigger gauge at full power. If your Devil Trigger
gauge is half to full, go into Devil Trigger mode. Keep attacking him; you will rarely
ever fall down while you attack in Devil Trigger mode. When his life is in the red, he
will take one of the pipe-like things on his back that always move and jam it into the
ground, causing it to pop up occasionally, He will not die, but will transform another

You do not need to have anything leveled up for this trick, but you will need the
Speed Amulet. Equip the Throwing Daggers. When you start out in the pit, run as far
from him as possible. Throw daggers at him until he is almost close enough to hit
you, then Devil Trigger and run under him to the other side of the pit. Repeat this
strategy. Note: Your Devil Trigger should charge up just enough. If you defeat the
second form quickly and you do this trick on the third form correctly, you should be
able to get an "S" rank for time, and high ranking for damage, although style will
probably get a "D" rank.

Defeating the Infested Tanks:
Have Lucia jump on to the tank. Note: Make sure you have your handguns on. Jump
once then fire. Before you land, jump again and fire. When you defeat the first one,
do it again. Note: Watch your back, as the other ones might fire a missle. There are
three of them.

Defeating the "Three Heads":
When you enter a certain room, you will get transported to another dimension. Three
heads will attack you at different times. Keep dodging the things that they fire at you.
When they get close, before they attack, use the most powerful sword you have. Do
this to get your Devil Trigger up, but do not use it until the heads join up. Then,
either use the throwing daggers or the handguns. Repeat until they are defeated.
Note: When the ice head uses its main attack which fires huge ice pillars at you, you
cannot attack the heads until you have destroyed the pillars.

These combos are based off of the basic attack mode without holding R1. These will
help you get a better combo rating, especially if you do the first and follow with the
second. Make sure not to hold R1 button or you will do the Air Hike or the Stinger.

    Three basic slashes plus a downward strike, then an upward strike that knocks
your enemy into the air like the Air Hike: Press Triangle(3), Towards + Triangle,

    Three basic slashes then three additional horizontal strikes. Press Triangle(3),
Away + Triangle, Triangle(3).

Equip any sword and the shotgun. Holding R1 and do the following:

    Dante will do a normal slash, then a cartwheel move while firing the shotgun.
Press Triangle, Square.

    Dante will do two slashes and pass the shotgun under his two arms and across his
back, firing the shotgun twice. Press Triangle(2), Square.

    Dante will do three slashes and then go into one knee firing the shotgun. Press
Triangle(3), Square.

Once Dante has transformed into his Super Demon form (Ultimate Devil Trigger), he
can use the following moves. Note: The Desperation Attacks will use all your Devil
Trigger gaage, but are extremely powerful. The Ultimate Desperation Attack can kill
any enemy in a single shot and can also kill most Bosses in a single shot.

    Fireballs: Press Square (can also do while jumping or flying).
    Twin Lightsabres: Press Triangle.
    Flight: Press X(2).
    Spin Attack: Press Triangle and the Left Analog-stick in any direction (while
    Desperation Attack (Divine Light Blast): Press Square + Triangle at the same
    Ultimate Desperation Attack (Dark Energy Beam): Hold R1, then press Square +
Triangle at the same time.

Hold R1 in human form, then jump in the air and press Triangle to execute three
moves. If you press Triangle, you will do an upward kick. If you press Triangle(2),
you will do an upward kick followed by a backflip. If you press Triangle(3), you will
do an upward kick and a backflip followed by a sword slash at an enemy that is on
the ground.

While not in Devil Trigger mode (as to not waste your power), begin attacking an
opponent. Once you begin to get Do Not Worry and your opponent dies. Use the
handguns to start shooting your next target and Do Not Worry will never leave the
screen until you are hit or stop shooting. Keep this strategy going until you get to
Showtime and it works out nicely.

Double shotgun blast:
Stand just near the edge of a building and shoot your gun. While shooting, go to
move off the edge. The moment that you are off the edge, you will immediately fire
another shot from your shotgun.

Fast shotgun fire and reload:
Jump in the air twice, fire, and keep pressing L2.

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