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Star Ocean - Till the End of Time

Cave of Trials
To unlock Cave of Trials, simply beat the game.

Bonus dungeon:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the ten level Cave Of Trials bonus
dungeon with a Boss in each level.

More Difficulty Levels
Finish 30% or more of the Battle Collection to unlock more difficulty levels,
including Universal Level.

Sphere Company 211
When you beat Gabriel Celesta in Cave of Trials, you can go above Floor 100 in
Sphere Company 211. As the name implies, It has 211 Floors. Valkyrie awaits you
at Floor 210 while Iseria Queen is at the Last Floor.

Battle Collection Rewards
Complete a certain percentage of the Battle Collection to unlock bonuses.
Completing 30% unlocks Universe difficulty. Completing 60% unlocks the music
test. Completing 70% unlocks Fourth Dimension difficulty. Completing 95%
unlocks Full Auto mode.

Battle Trophy Rewards:
15% or 45 trophies: Unlocks 2P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the
status screen to use this.
25% or 75 trophies: Unlocks Universe mode when starting a new game
40% or 120 trophies: Unlock 3P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the
status screen to use this.
55% or 165 trophies: Unlocks music test. Press SQUARE at the battle trophy
65% or 195 trophies: Unlocks 40 mode when starting a new game.
80% or 240 trophies: Unlocks 4P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the
status screen to use this.
95% or 285 trophies: Unlocks full active mode in battles when starting a new

Unlock Full Auto Mode:
Complete 95% or more of the Battle Collection.

Unlock 4th Dimension Difficulty:
Collect 70% of the Battle Collection.

The Ancient Books
After defeating the Mudman, head out West out of Peterny and then go to North to
Surferio. Find Roger S. Huxley there and talk to him. He'll give you the Ancient
Books (if you agreed to take him along in Duggus Forest).

This trick is only available near the end of the game. Once you return to Elicoor
the last time visit the outfitter in West Peterny. Check to see if the item Durian
Stun Bomb-R4 has been invented. If not you might have to invent it yourself.

Once the shop has the item, buy 20 of them. This should be about 200,000 fol.
Don't worry though you'll get that back and more. After you have 20 bombs, head
to Irisa Plains. There will be the white winged monsters roaming the field. Go up to
one and start a fight. As soon as you can use items, use the bomb. Instant Win.

Now in order to get a ton of EXP and FOL you need to get in a battle a make a
bonus battle occur and win. After this happens repeat the bomb trick. When your
chain starts to have 300% and 200% fol, you will see the trick at it's best. With two
of the white winged monsters defeated at once you gain about 12,000 EXP and
33,200 Fol. When you run out of bombs, go to Peterny, buy some more, run back,
then repeat.

This trick is ideal for people who want to level up to very high levels in a short
amount of time, collect hard to get battle trophies, level up low level char, get lots
of Fol. An example I will show is that in about 5 minutes I got a level 1 character
to level 40.

Different Battle Music in Vs Mode:
As soon as you select a battle stage in Vs Mode, press and hold one of the
shoulder buttons(R1,R2,L1,L2) before the battle stage loads. This will randomly
select new battle music.

Norton's hideout code:
The code for Norton's hideout is "256". It is easy because the bandits are dumb.

Peppeti Rosseti's autograph:
At the hotel in the begging of the game, get to the floor with the battle system just
outside of the lounge to the right, near the man standing in front of the door being
blocked. Go past that and the next door will hold a brief intermission sequence.
You will get Peppeti Rosseti's autograph on the back of your shirt. It will remain
there as long as you wear the shirt.

Better item creation:
When creating an item, choose original creation. Set the price of the original
creation very high (over 4,000. After the meter completes the first finish, check
the characters' expression.. If they are smiling (better if three of the characters
are smiling), then press X to see what you have created. If it is unsuccessful, load
the game. This is risky where money is concerned. Note: Setting the item original
creation price very high increases the chance of creating good items. This requires
some patience.

Finding exits:
If you cannot leave an area, talk to everyone there.

Use of the Rabbit Ears Chalice:
If you do Roger's Ancient Book Sidequest, you'll eventually uncover an item called
the Rabbit Ears Chalice in the Ursa Lava Caves. With the item equipped, enter the
code below during a battle to have that character blow up and deal damage to the

Code  -  Effect
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, (Circle X or X Circle, depends on
refinement)   -  Character explodes and deals damage.

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