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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Cheat mode:
To enter the codes, highlight the "Extra Content" option and press R1. When the
keypad screen appears, enter one of the following codes to unlock the
corresponding cheat. Then, choose the "Mission Select" option in the "Extra
Content" menu. Start the game through that option after toggling the desired
cheats on or off.

All Psi powers:
Enter 537893 as a code. Alternately, successfully complete the game.

Arcade mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Arcade" option at the "Extra
Content" menu.

Mind Control Suicide:
Click L3 + R3 while controlling someone else's mind.

More Psi energy:
Sneak up on an guard and use the Mind Drain power. You can almost fill your Psi
bar up when it is completely empty.

Anytime you get to a checkpoint and are short on health or energy, save the
game. Reload it to get full health and energy.

Elevator music:
On the level with Wei Lu, while you are in the elevator the music playing sounds
like "With My Mind" by Cold.

DEMO: Sneak Peak
Note: this cheat works only for the demo... In the first demo mission after killing
the three guards in the second area press the red button turning off the lasers at
the next door go through the door then you will see another door in that hallway.
When you try to open it, it says "door locked for demo" simply use remote view
(up on D-pad) and you can pass through the door and explore what the actual
game's first level contains.

Extra Missions:

Find gnomes throughout the game in order to unlock extra missions.
Floor of Death: Gnome in level 4
Panic Room: Gnome in level 3
Up And Over: Gnome in level 4
Stop Lights: Gnome in level 7
Gasoline: Gnome in level 6
Bottomless Pit: Gnome in level 4
TK Alley: Gnome in level 2
GearShift: Gnome in level 3
Tip The Idol: Gnome in level 1
Psi Pool: Gnome in level 6
Aura Pool: Gnome in level 8
Bouncy Bouncy: Gnome in level 2
Survival Mode: Gnome in level 3
Gnomotron, Unlock all extra missions: find all Gnomes

Training Nick: Finish the game on easy
Urban Nick: Finish the game on normal
Wasteland Nick: Finish the game on hard
Stealth Nick: Finish the game on elite
Sara: Finish the game on normal
Sara (psi): Finish the game on hard
Tonya: Finish the game on hard
Sara (suicide): Finish the game on hard
Marlena "Pyro": Finish the game on elite
Marlena "Pyro" (leather): Finish the game on elite
General: Finish the game on elite
General (clown): Collect all six orbs in the General Boss Battle
Barrett: Finish the game on elite
Jov: Finish the game on elite
Wei Lu: Finish the game on normal
Dragon Wei Lu: Finish the game on hard
MP1: Finish the game on easy
MP2: Finish the game on normal
MP3: Finish the game on hard
Jack: Finish the game on elite
UN Soldier: Finish the game on easy
Burnt Soldier: Finish the game on normal
Labcoat: Finish the game on easy
Dockworker: Finish the game on easy
Komiko: Finish the game on normal

All Powers:
Complete the game to unlock all powers.

Mind Drain:
You don't have to just use Mind Drain when the guards are dead. You can use it
when they are close enough to you while they're alive to save on bullets and

Advanced Technique: Multiple Minds:
Try using more than one technique at the same time, such as picking up an enemy
(or item) with Telikenises, then burning him with Pyrokenises, and then throwing
him (or it) into more guards (you throw by tapping the Telikenises button and left
analog stick in the direction of the target while already having the item or person
selected with Telikenises)

Advanced Technique: Surfing:
An advanced technique for getting across areas with no land is to get on top of an
object and the lift it with Telekinises while standing on it to "surf" across gaps. By
the way, it's very hard to stand on top of items without losing balance. A trick is to
walk around whatever your standing on to make sure the item your standing on
doesn't tip over.

Higher Levitation:
When levetating objects with Telekinesis, you can make them lift even higher by
holding down the Pyrokinesis button (R2). The only problem with this is that you
cannot move the objects while doing this.

To enter these, simply scroll down to “Extra Content" and pull the right trigger, or
push the R1 button. A keypad will appear.
Game Cheats:

Take Less Damage: 548975
Use less PSI power: 456456
AllPowers: 537893
Unlimited Ammo: 978945
No Head: 987978

Playing Modes
Arcade Mode: 05051979
Coop Mode: 07041979
Survival Mode: 7734206
Dark Mode: 465486

Nick Models
Training Nick: 564689
Urban Nick: 484646
Wasteland Nick: 975466
Stealth Nick: 456498
Sara Models
Sara: 135488
Psi Sara: 468799
Suicide Sara: 678999

Barett Models
Barrett: 497878
Training Barret1: 196001
Training Barret2: 196002
Training Barret3: 196003
Training Barret4: 196004
Training Barret5: 196005
training Barret6: 196006

Wei Lu Models
Wei LuL: 231324
Dragon Wei Lu: 978789
Tranquility WeiLu: 654654
General Models
General: 459797
Clown General: 431644

Other Models
Marlena: 489788
Tonya: 136876
Fetish Pyro: 231644
Bikini Pyro: 135454
Saranae: 65496873
Jov: 468987
MP1: 321646
MP2: 698799
MP3: 654659
Jack: 698798
Soldier: 365498
Burned Soldier: 454566
Labcoat: 998789
Dock Worker: 364654
Komiko: 978798
Scorpion: 546546

Extra Missions :

Pitfall: 05120926
PanicRoom: 76635766
Up And Over: 020615
Stop Lights: 945678
Gasoline: 9442662
Bottomless Pit: 154897
TK Alley: 090702
Gear Gauntlet: 154684
Tip The Buddha: 428584
Psi Pool: 565485
Aura Pool: 659785
Bouncy Bouncy: 568789
Gnomotron: 456878

Fusion Tower Shut Down :
In the Fusion Tower, there are four rooms: K-1, K-2, K-3 and K-4. The goal of this
puzzle is to hit these switches in order. Each room contains one switch. You need
to flip all four of these switches to overload the fusion reactor and move on to the
next area. Okay. You start off in room K-1, but don’t hit this switch! They must be
flipped in this order:


Now, while you stay hidden in K-1, mind-control a bad guy and have him run to
room K-3, then to K-2 and finally to K-4. You're psi-energy will drain pretty fast
while you're doing this, and of course with every switch you flip, the fusion blast
becomes faster and more powerful, so be patient. It takes practice, but you'll get
it. After the first three are down, all you have to do is flip the last switch in K-1 and
you're done! But watch out for the meat-puppet soldiers that come charging in the
room. Dispose of them (and anybody else that gets in your way) and run to room
K-3. A door has now been unlocked.

Defeating Jov Lenov - Master of Mind Control:
TK the MPs that Lenov is MCing and throw them at the machines. After you destroy
all of the machines, Lenov will fight you. Just use your gun or TK the MPs and
throw them at him.

Defeating Edgar Barret - Master of Telekinesis:
TK the objects on the conveyor belt and throw them at Barret. After you get his
health down a bit, he will take the fight outdoors. Just do the same thing until you
defeat him. Watch out when he throws the large crates and boxcars at you. They
can kill you in one hit if you are not careful. Wait until he rests, then nail him.

Defeating Wei Lu - Master of Illusion:
Use PK on the statues then shoot them. After you destroy all the statues, Wei Lu
will transform into a huge three-headed dragon. Destroy all three heads to defeat
her. It is best to go to the back of the room and use the assault rifle if possible.

Defeating Marlena Kessler - Master of Pyrokinesis:
Use TK to pick up and throw the canisters at the large gun. To avoid the huge
blast, go to the back of the room. You will notice some glass things that popped
out of the floor. Get behind one of them. Once you destroy the huge weapon,
Marlena will fight you. TK the canisters and throw them at her to defeat her. Note:
The canisters will refill after you use them all (they must all explode). Also, make
sure you are on the side that she is on.

Defeating Nicholas Wrightson - Master of Remote Viewing:
Destroy all the screens in the room to defeat Wrightson. You can only destroy
them when they are firing. Just dodge the ray and shoot them. Be sure to also,
avoid the Aura Beasts in the room.

Defeating The General - Leader of The Movement:
Use PK on each Monolith pillar (the spinning things). Upon destroying them you can
collect up to six orbs (which will be scattered around the room) for your new
psionic weapon. Once The General gets to full health, the fight will begin. Just
shoot him with the psionic weapon to damage him. You can refill your psionic
weapon's ammunition by getting in the center of the Monolith. Note: Make sure to
quickly get out from the Monolith once your ammunition is refilled. Also, when The
General goes invisible, just use your Aura View to see him.

Defeating Zombies:
If you have a shotgun, just shoot them in the head. If not, MC one with a shotgun
and use him.

When fighting the Zombies, simply use Mind Drain to kill them.

Mainframe code:
On the level where you fight Jov Leanov, the code for to get into the mainframe
is "2963".

Levitate yourself:
To levitate yourself in a way, get on to an object that you can levitate, such as a
box. Aim down and hold Triangle to lock on. Press L1, and the box will levitate with
you on it. To go higher, keep holding Triangle and press L1 continuously at the
correct time. You should get progressively higher. This is useful for getting to high
and far places.

In order to levitate from the ground, stand on any object such as a crate, barrel,
bench, etc. Perform the TK ability while standing on the object. Make sure that the
crosshair is lined on the object. You will begin to levitate with the object with the
Right analBog-stick as if you were controlling an object from afar. Make sure that
the object is not a wooden crate or an explosive barrel, as they are fragile to
gunfire and other objects. This tactic can be used to make the "drop" on enemies
below. The only problem is that you cannot use any other mind powers.

Instant kill:
To instantly kill someone with a shotgun without having to aim at their head, use
TK to levitate them as high as possible without multi levitating. Walk almost, if not
directly under them, and fire the shotgun. It should automatically aim at their head
and blast it off.

Mind Control and TK MP3s while they are still alive:
TK an item that can be thrown, or anything that can knock an MP3 down such as a
box or crate. Throw it at the MP3. While the MP3 is on the ground, use either TK or
MC to lift the MP3 or Mind Control him. While in mind control, if the MP3 has a
weapon other than a handgun, commit suicide with the MP3. His head will explode,
which will not happen even if you get a headshot with a shotgun.

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