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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Nude mode:
Successfully complete the game, then buy the "Everybody Naked!" secret from at
the bar for 269 Secret Tokens. The "Nude mode" option can now be toggled in
the "Extras" section of the bonus options menu.

Secrets for sale:
Go through the large gold doors to "Nice Street" (near the Swingles Van). Go to
the far right of the doors and you will see a man in a green mohawk. Talk to him
and he will offer to sell you the following extra bonus options.

Bonus Art 2 (miscellaneous loading screens, etc.)
Loading Screen 2 (naughtier loading screens for Zana Luba and Harriet)
Naughty 1 (makes Switch Ione, Analisa, and Elle May wear bikinis instead of their
normal attire)

Easy Confidence:
In Larry's room, play "Penis Pong", which will give you 20 Confidence each time
you win. It is also the easiest mini-game.

Easier games:
Lose a game repeatedly until you get an option saying "Should we make it easier
on you?" then select "Yes".

Easy flyer distribution:
When they throw an airplane, run towards them with Left to grab it beforehand.

Easy money:
Go to the Greek Quad and stand near the frat boy who buys pictures. With your
back facing the frat boy, take out your camera and snap pictures of the
cheerleaders that are practicing. After taking all the pictures, turn around and sell
them to the frat boy. He will charge $6 and will give you $4 for each picture. If you
stand too close to the cheerleaders they will react to the flash and you will get less
money for the pictures. This can be done repeatedly without penalty.

This trick requires the "Naughty" item and having both Analisa and Luba at the
dance club. Enable "Naughty mode" and go to the dance club. Take pictures that
frame both Analisa and Luba while they are posing. Each picture if taken properly
gives you more than $20. That is more than $120 per set. There are other
combinations that will give you large sums of money; just remember to take
pictures of as many women as possible in a single frame.

Add-ons for the suit outfit:
You can find the add-ons for the suit outfit in the Greek Quad. A college guy will be
selling them near the steps of the frat house or sorority.

Super camera lens:
Interact with the stage light on the left of the Swingles set. When it falls over and
breaks, pick up the camera lens icon. Instead of your camera zooming to 5X, it
can now zoom to 10x. You can now take closer and better pictures.

Money with pictures:
Larry keeps egging you on to find "boobies". Take the hint. Wherever someone is
buying them, there is a subject close by. The best money is paid for close-up shots
of breasts when she raises her arms above her head or when she is three quarters
to full profile, in 90+% of the camera frame. For these, pay is $7 each, or $4 for
those not just right. Patience for the correct shot and angle makes this a little time
consuming, but you can make over $30 for each roll after the assessment fee, and
you can do it as long as desired.

The tenured professor in the Library likes Morgan's boobs, and will pay $7 each.
The person in the Greek Quad, once you can get into the Sorority house, likes
Bettie Jo's boobs and Zanna's crotch, and will pay $7 each. The person in the
Dance Hall likes Luba's boobs and will pay $7 each. The person in Spartacus loves
Helmut's crotch and goes up to $8 when he is moving. Once again, the subject
being in motion is the key to high pay -- watch for their movement patterns before
snapping pictures.

Sweet Lou mini-game:
For Sweet Lou, full frame to three quarter profile hips are over $50. Buttocks shots
will get about $45 from the commissar. You will need the six shots to make $190
to complete his mini-game. A green light may only pay about $35, so angle is
important. Time is ticking away, so just follow her in Camera View; she goes right,
then left, then right.

Pop culture references:
In the sorority house, the names on the doors on the second floor are all grouped
by character names from famous television shows or pop culture families.

Janet and LaToya (Jackson Sisters)
Wynonna and Naomi (The Judds).
Thomas, Rick, TC, and Higgins (Magnum PI)
Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, and Screech (Saved by the Bell)
Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche (Golden Girls)
Blair, Natalie, Tootie, and Jo (Facts of Life)
Angela, Mona, Samantha, and Jonathan (Who's the Boss?)
Sondra, Denise, Vanessa, Rudy (The Cosby Show)
Sabrina, Jill, Kelly, Stefania, and Andrea (Charlie's Angels)

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