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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Infinite health
 At the extras screen, press Y, White, Black(2), White, Y, Black(3),
 Y(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound
 of a scream.

 Slayer power
 At the extras screen, press Y(3), B(3), Y, White, Black(2), White,
 Y. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of
 a scream.

 Play as Dark Buffy in arena mode
 At the extras screen, press Black, White, Y(2), Black(2), White,
 Black(2), White, Black(2), White, Black(3), White(2). If you entered
 the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a scream.
 If you have done a different cheat before and you don\'t hear a scream exit then
 re-enter and then do it.

 Multi-player arena 1
 At the extras screen, press Y(4), White, Black, Y(4), White, Black
 at the extras screen. If you entered the code correctly, you will
 hear the sound of a scream.

 Multi-player arenas 1 through 2
 At the extras screen, press Black(4), White, Y, Black(2), White,
 Y, White, Black at the extras screen. If you entered the code correctly,
 you will hear the sound of a scream.

 Multi-player arenas 1 through 3
 At the extras screen, press White(4), Black, Y, White(2), Y(2),
 White, Black. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the
 sound of a scream.

 Multi-player arenas 1 through 4
 At the extras screen, press Y(2), White, Black(2), Y(5), White,
 Black. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound
 of a scream.

 Multi-player story mode
 Enable the "Bonus arenas" code. Select any arena, then exit out
 of it. Load a saved game and begin a game in story mode. Press Start
 on controller two when a major character is encountered during the
 game. If more than one major character is encountered in a scene,
 press Start to scroll through those that are controllable. Controller
 two can now be used to control that person. Press Back on controller
 two to stop controlling them. Note: You can also control Bosses.

 Easy health
 When you start after a checkpoint and your life is low, intentionally
 kill yourself. When you resurrect, you will have double the life
 you had when you started at the checkpoint.

Pretty much everybody you save will give you an elixer, so save as many people
as you can to get a lot of elixers! The all pretty much give you elixers except for
the wimpy guy that decides to cry in a corner! Glad I'm not him!

Power Crystal:
When you first enter the alley way from previous battles, there is a small are way
in ther back right hand corner. Back there you will find a power crystal. At the end
of the level take it to Willow and she will give you full strength!! Pretty convienient
I would say!

Extra Stake And The Mission Key:
When you first start the game you have to go through and obstacle course and
battle 2 bad guys. When Giles opens the door for you, you need to go thourgh and
open the first to doors. After the 2nd door is a room with hay. Climb up the hay
barrels to your left and look to your right. There should be a chair there. Kick it
and it will break showing a glowing object. Pick the object up with your Y button,
and you have an extra stake then to your right(not down from the loft) is a table
with another glowing object on it. That is your mission key that will open all doors.
Then just continue to the end!

2 Stakes, 2 Demons, And A Mop!
After your first mission (which was a dream by the way) you are at sunnydale. You
have to go to the door all the way down the hall to the right. If you turn to your
left there is a stake and a door. Don't go through the door just yet, there is also a
shower go around it and there is another stake. When you open the door there is a
vamp. Kill him then go through and try to save the girl from the vamp in the room
to your right. After you kill him, there is another shower to your right and in it is a
whoop-butt mop!!! Use it to stake your enemies. You mop them with the floor,

The Girl With The Elixer:
Once you go through the door after(hopefully) saving the first girl, there is another
girl you must save up the hall. Kill this vamp then go to the girl and press Y. She
will talk to you and hand you an elixer. Make sure you say thank you!

Mausoleum, The Catacombs: Sinders And Ashes:
In this level you have to battle monsters and icky spiders! When you first walk in
and down the stairs, there is an elixer and a hellfire refiller for your gun. When
you get to the spiders nest you battle them, then blast the web with the gun
Xander gave you. After you torch the web there are two skelotens. Here is where
my title kicks in. At the end of the hall is a big bowl. Walk up to it and Buffy will
say sinders and ash. Take out your gun(make sure it is full, if not get it refilled)
and light the bowl which will open the door on the right hand side.

Level: Docks, Shipping:
The first thing abviously is to kill all the spiders. Now, when you go down stairs and
into the room don't break the tables and chairs, there is nothing in them. Kill the
spider that comes from the ventalation shaft. In the next room, DO NOT open the
refrigerator because the only thing in it is a spider, but in the bottom cabinet, all
the way on the left hand side, is a health crystal. Before you take it there is a
spider to kill, after killing it you have to kick the door open to get the crystal. Open
the door and save the guy being chased by... you guessed it, a vamp. But don't
leave just yet because another vamp is coming for the same guy. Beat that vamp
then talk to the man and he will give you a holy water vail. After that go around
the corner and turn on the switch to activate the crane, yep... you have to jump
onto the crane and ride it across. If that is too hard you can try the boxes, but I
wouldn't recommend it because there is a very big chance that you will fall in the
water. When you activate the switch run around to the left then up and to the left
again. Hit the boards in your way by just running into them, then jump to the the
crane and it should take you across. If at first you don't succed try, try again!

Sunken Church: Tunnels; The Secret!:
When you first walk in, go down the stairs and to your right. There is a holy water
bowl. Fill up your gun, then open the door, battle the monster, and get rid of the
phantoms blocking you. Walk through the door and battle the next two dudes. On
your right is an open wall with a hellfire vail in it. Then go down the ladder and
here is the secret. Go down the stairs on the right then go around the corner to he
right and look at the wall. You will see something glowing in the wall. If the vamp
comes out first, defeat him then go to the wall, have your reaper out from the
vamp(if he came out) and smash the wall where the glowing object is. It will be
the only secret in here and it is a holy water vail just for you!

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