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Elder Scrolls - Morrowind

Restore health

 While playing a game, press B to enter the inventory screen. Press
 L or R to switch to the stats screen. Highlight "Health" and press
 Black, White, Black(3), then hold A until the desired health level
 is reached.

 Restore magicka

 While playing a game, press B to enter the inventory screen. Press
 L or R to switch to the stats screen. Highlight "Magicka" and press
 Black, White(2), Black, White then hold A until the desired magicka
 level is reached.

 Restore fatigue

 While playing a game, press B to enter the inventory screen. Press
 L or R to switch to the stats screen. Highlight "Fatigue" and press
 Black(2), White(2), Black, then hold A until the desired fatigue
 level is reached.

 Keep health, magicka, and fatigue levels full

 Enable the "Restore health", "Restore magicka", or "Restore fatigue"
 codes, and before you fill your health/magicka/fatigue up, while
 holding A and filling it, press B and exit. It will continue to
 rise and as it goes down, it will raise back up instantly. For example,
 start filling your health/magicka/fatigue, and press B before it
 is to the top, While still holding A and filling it, it will keep
 and always be full until you return to the menu.

 Boost all weapon stats

 Use the following trick to boost all your weapon stats, with the
 exception of Hand-to-Hand. Note: The boost is the same as previous
 methods mentioned; the only exception is that you are activating
 all of the bound spells for each weapon at one time, then pressing
 the appropriate trigger buttons and holding them throughout. First,
 acquire all bound "weapon" spells that cover the weapon stats. Make
 sure you have a spell that raises long blade, short blade, blunt
 weapon, etc. (one of each bound-type in your magic list). Depending
 on how much magicka you have, you may have to enable the "Change
 magicka level" code to ensure your magicka continues to rise as
 you cast the spells. Cast all of the bound "weapon" spells one after
 another. Once all of them are active, hold X + L and watch the weapons
 switch out rapidly. As they switch, the stats associated with each
 type of weapon will rise tremendously. You can do this as many times
 as desired until the spell expires. To continue boosting your stats,
 simply re-do the spells and hold the appropriate buttons your controller.
 To raise all stats, Strength, Endurance, and Luck, all you need
 is Wraith Guard and Sunder. Equip any weapon, and make sure you
 have the Wraith Guard on. Hold X + L to switch between the Sunder
 and the other weapon. This will raise the stats of Strength, Endurance,
 and Luck by at least 90 points at a time. This also works with Keening,
 but it raises Speed, Agility, Health, and Willpower.


 Use this trick to get things out of boxes far away, or most things laying out from
 extremely long distances. Get an Azura's Star, or Grand Soul Gem with a Golden
 Saint in it. The easiest way to get one of those Soul Gems and a Golden Saint
 spell (from the tower in Tel Branora). Go to a Spellmaker and make it last for
 fifteen or twenty seconds. This will make it work at a higher rate, and take less
 Magika. Then, catch the Soul and get a Telekinesis spell. Go to an Enchanter with
 a good sword or an Ebony Staff (recommended). Choose Telekinesis and put it
 low so it will not cost much. Change to constant effect, name it, then create. Equip
 the sword, hold A, then at the same time, hold L + R. Make it is done correctly so
 that you are always on the proper sword or weapon. In a few minutes, you will be
 able to hide in a corner unseen and steal from as far as you desired as well as
 lock pick objects. This does not work on humans, or some odd books.

 Infinite arrows

 Equip a bow, then any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back.
 Enter the inventory screen with the arrow still pulled back. You
 may now release Attack. Unequip the arrows and resume the game.
 It will now continue to shoot the arrow. After it fires, it will
 not count that arrow to be missing.

 Increase Acrobatics skill

 To increase Acrobatics, jump as you are traveling. It will level
 up after 50 to 100 jumps. Jumping from building top to building
 top may increase this skill faster. You can also jump in place.
 Use the following trick to get 1000 Acrobatics. This requires two
 scrolls of Icarian Flight which can be obtained from Tharhief near
 Syda Neen. Cast a scroll of Icarian Flight then jump forward. Ready
 another scroll of Icarian Flight. A few seconds before you land,
 cast the second scroll. You will land with no damage taken and receive
 1000 Acrobatics. Note: When you have over 1000 Acrobatics and you
 jump, you will die unless you land in water. To get your Acrobatics
 skill up quickly, find a long stairway or a fairly steep hill. Jump
 up the stairs or hill while holding the movement stick Forward.
 Keep pressing Jump because you will not jump high or go very far
 with only one jump. You will be jumping so fast up the hill or stairs
 that it will not take too long to increase that skill. You will
 jump about five or six times for every jump you would have done
 while standing still or moving across flat land. This is especially
 useful when leveling up a character that needs good strength.

 Increase Armor skill

 To increase Armor, find some enemies that do not do much damage
 and get hit by them. The Slaughterfish is a good choice.

 Increase Athletics skill

 To increase Athletics, run (not walk) around until your fatigue
 bar hits 0. Then, wait for your fatigue bar to raise to full and

 Increase Block skill

 To increase Block, hold Chop while using a shield and get hit by

 Increase Magicka skill

 To increase various Magicka skills (Alteration, Destruction, etc.),
 go to one of the Mages Guilds and look for a person that has the
 option of Spellmaking. For example, if you want to increase Destruction,
 go to a spell that is under the Destruction school, such as Fire
 Bite. Put the spell Firebite under Effects and set all of the things
 such as duration and magnitude to 1. Go around casting the spell
 at objects (not at people). Every time you cast it, it will go up
 about 3/100 points.

 Increase Mercantile skill

 To increase Mercantile, buy something cheap (10 to 20 gp) and always
 go down on the price slightly. Then, sell it back for a little more
 than they desire.

 Increase weapon skills

 To increase any one of your weapon skills, bind that type of weapon
 and hold X + L +R at the same time. The game will make a switching
 sound, but it will not actually switch.

 Easy money

 After traveling to Balmora in the beginning of the game, stop by
 Ravi'ir the traders house. A fairly heavy weapon such as axe or
 longsword of some sort is also required, which can be acquired from
 the Armorer a few shops down. Walk up to him and begin to bash his
 face in. You will have a decent fight on your hands -- save before
 undertaking this challenge. You should win if you remember to keep
 hacking. This slight case of murder early in the game will earn
 you the "Fiend Katana", and "Fiend Tanto". One is worth 9000 gold
 and the other is 3000 gold. You will also get three other enchanted
 weapons. Sell them to the Armorer across the street or keep them
 to have extremely powerful weapons early in the game. He also has
 an armory in the back of his house which can be raided and sold.

 Go to the Mage's Guild in Balmora. The nice lady upstairs must not
 believe in safes. She has a lot of items (Soul Gems for the most
 part). Go downstairs and steal something minor, such as a fork.
 As everyone comes for you, run about in circles to avoid most of
 the hits. After doing this a few seconds, get past everybody and
 run up the stairs. With as little mistakes as possible, quickly
 take the things you want and exit the Guild/ Drop the items outside
 and find a guard. Pay him his 20 gold then retrieve the items.

 For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage's Guild in Caldera.
 Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The
 table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from
 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class,
 you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want
 the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera
 next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have
 not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

 After you are done creating your character, go over to the shelf
 in the first room to find a limeware platter worth 650 gold. To
 steal it without getting it taken away, take it then quickly press
 B to put it in your inventory. Then, drop it on the floor and press
 B .The guard will approach you and say something. Accept his offer,
 then look on the floor and pick the platter up, without getting
 into trouble. This can be done with any item on the shelf.

 Keep stolen items

 Use the following trick to keep your stolen items if you get caught.
 Rather than paying someone to relieve the bounty on your head, drop
 everything in your inventory, except gold, somewhere you will remember.
 The objects will not be removed from the game. Then, pay a guard.
 You will not lose your stolen items and the bounty will be gone.
 As an additional bonus, the person you stole from will not attack
 you anymore or be sour towards you.

 Get rid of bounty for free

 Go to Balmora and join the Thieves Clan in the Southwall Cornerclub.
 The man at the counter downstairs can take of your bounty for a
 price. To get rid of it for free, drop all your money in one of
 the crates outside the Cornerclub. Go inside and talk to the man
 downstairs behind the counter. Choose to talk to him about the price
 on your head. Accept to pay, but since you have no money in your
 inventory, you will not lose anything and your bounty will be gone.
 Go back outside and get your money from the crate.

 Good armor

 To get good armorer at the start of the game, get very proficient
 with one weapon. Then, kill one of the Ordinators in Balmora. You
 will have a good fight and someone may see you. Make sure you save
 before attempting this. Also, immediately after you start out, you
 can ride the Silt Stiders (travel bugs) to Vivec. Go to the Redoran
 Waistworks. Go to the smith located there and enter the room in
 the back. Close the door and you can take anything desired. He has
 good armor, such as the Dreugh Curiass, a medium armor with an armor
 rating of 60.

 Spell costs

 If you are short just a few gold to get a spell, you do not have
 to resort to stealing or selling your items. Join the Mage Guild
 and go to the spell you require. If it is just a few gold more than
 you have, keep asking the man and the price of the spell will fluctuate
 each time.

 Avoid fall damage

 To avoid damage from falling, do not jump off anything. Instead,
 just walk off the edge. This is helpful in getting to the bottom
 level of Vivec quickly.

 Easy skill points

 To increase Acrobatics, jump as you are traveling. It will level
 up after 50 to 100 jumps. Jumping from building top to building
 top may increase this skill faster. You can also jump in place.

 To increase Armor, find some enemies that do not do much damage
 and get hit by them. The Slaughterfish is a good choice.

 To increase Athletics, run (not walk) around until your fatigue
 bar hits 0. Then, wait for your fatigue bar to raise to full and

 To increase Block, hold Chop while using a shield and get hit by

 To increase various Magicka skills (Alteration, Destruction, etc.),
 go to one of the Mages Guilds and look for a person that has the
 option of Spellmaking. For example, if you want to increase Destruction,
 go to a spell that is under the Destruction school, such as Fire
 Bite. Put the spell Firebite under Effects and set all of the things
 such as duration and magnitude to 1. Go around casting the spell
 at objects (not at people). Every time you cast it, it will go up
 about 3/100 points.

 To increase Mercantile, buy something cheap (10 to 20 gp) and always
 go down on the price slightly. Then, sell it back for a little more
 than they desire.

 Thief character creation
 Race: Wood Elf
 Favorite Attributes: Strength and Agility
 Major skills: Marksmen, Short Blade, Sneak, Security, Light Armor
 Minor skills: Merchantile, Speechcraft, Long Blade, your choice, your choice
 Sign: The Thief

 Warrior character creation:
 Race: Redgaurd
 Combat: Specialized
 Favorite Attributes: Strength and Agility
 Major skills: Long Blade, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Block, and Armorer
 Minor skills: Blunt Weapon, Axe, Security, Speechcraft, and Alchemy
 Sign: The Thief

 Easy leveling and controlling level up multipliers

 First, you will need a lot of money, depending on the skill you
 wish to train. Next, you will need to find someone who teaches that
 skill. Once you have done both of those things, start training repeatedly
 in a certain skill, or multiple skills. As you probably know, when
 someone trains you in any skill, your level meter goes up 1/10.
 Train ten times, or however many times it takes you to level, to
 level up. To control the multipliers (relatively) you will need
 to know the governing attribute of the skill(s) you have trained
 in. When you train in something, the multiplier on the governing
 attribute of that skill goes up by 1x, to a maximum of 5x. You can
 have any number of multipliers, as long as they add up to ten. Note
 that certain skills take more to train than others, and as your
 skill increases, so does the price of the training. The following
 is a list of trainers and their locations that can train their particular
 mastery up to 100 points. Note: Some of the trainers will require
 you to do certain things, such as get to a certain rank in their
 guild. Others will train you for your gold.


 Fighter's Quarters
 Waistworks - Vivec Arena

 Abelle Chriditte
 Popylon Chamber
 Stronghold - Valenvaryon:

 Seryne Relas
 Tel Branora

 Sirollus Saccus
 Lowest Level
 Hawkmoth Garrison - Ebonheart

 Adibael Hainnabibi
 Abidael's Yurt
 Kaushtababi Camp south of Molag Mar

 Alfhedil Elf-Hewer
 Stronghold Falensarano

 Buckmoth Fort outside Ald'ruhn

 Blunt Weapon:
 Faralenu Henim
 Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise
 St. Deyln Plaza - Vivec

 Methal Seran
 Ald'ruhn Temple

 Leles Birian
 East of Piernette's Farmhouse
 Located east of Pelagiad

 Near Exit
 Stronghold Indoranyon

 Taren Omothan
 SW Bedroom
 Lowest Level - Holamayan Monastery

 Heavy Armor:
 Fighter's Training - Vivec

 Erer Darothril
 Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub
 Sadrith Mora

 Light Armor:
 Andus TRadehouse
 Mar Gaan

 Long Blade:
 Ulms Drathan
 Armigers Stronghold
 Molag Maar

 Missun Akin
 Missun Akin's Hut
 atop Stronghold Falasmaryon

 Ababael Timsar-Dadisun
 Ababael Timsar-Dadisun' Yurt
 Zainib Ashlander Camp

 West Wing
 Gateway Inn - Sadrith Mora

 Yakin Bael
 Vos Chapel

 Hcerinde's House

 Short Blade:
 Lucky Lockup Cornerblub

 Dreugh-jigger's Rest
 Gnaar Mok

 Mertis Falandas
 Tower Dusk - Ghostgate

 Mages Guild
 Wolverine Hall - Sadrith Mora

 Khargol gro-Boguk
 Vacant Tower
 Dragon Fel

 Go through walls:
 First, get the Spelltrap and Fortify Speed spells. Have someone to make this spell.
 Speed: On self, 100-100 magnitude, 2 duration. Soultrap: On target, 2 seconds.
 Make the spell and cast it at a wall until you get over 2,500 points. You may need
 to raise your intelligence first. Go to a area where you have plenty of room and
 has a wall with a corner pointing away from you. Run at the corner and jump just
 when you get to it. If done correctly, you will go through the wall and may go into
 the building. Try sniping people from inside the building.

 Instant kill:
 If you have a melee weapon equipped, pull it back to attack, then go to the menu
 and select any type of lockpick. Release the attack, then leave the menu to attack
 with the lockpick to instantly kill the enemy.

 Buy with no money:
 Try to et your name cleared in Sandrith Mora. Exit out without clearing your name
 and dropped your money. He also trains. Start training, with no money.
 Eventually, the "Service refusal" message will appear. Pay him 1,000 gold and
 continue. You now should have 5,000 gold permanently. You can buy anything
 under 5,000 gold, except for spellmaking and enchanting.

 Unlimited alchemy items:
 To obtain any number of any alchemy apparatus desired (for example, mortar
 and pestle, retort, alembic, or calcinator), you first need to have more than one of
 the same apparatus you want more of. Go to your inventory and equip the
 apparatus you wish to duplicate. In the alchemy screen, press A (select) on the
 apparatus you are duplicating, press A on the blank space, and equip the
 apparatus again. You should notice that there is a larger number on apparatus.
 Then, press back and go to your inventory. You will notice that the number on the
 apparatus is still the same. Do not worry about this. Go to any merchant and
 select "Barter." When the merchant's inventory appears, press Back. Go to your
 inventory and you should see that you have duplicated the apparatus. This is very
 useful for getting a large amount of money early on in the game. In Balmora,
 speak with Nalcarya of White Haven (fine alchemist) and buy an alchemy
 apparatus (calcinator recommended, as it is the cheapest). After purchasing the
 apparatus, exit out of the conversation box. Talk to her again and she should
 have a replenished supply of the alchemy apparatus you purchased. Purchase
 another one, then duplicate them as many times as needed. She has 3,000 gold
 so you can make a very large amount of money off of her by using this trick.

 Unlimited Spell effects:
 If you want a spell effect to last forever (unlimited bound weapons, untimed
 summons, etc.), you can create them. Create a spell that mixes the desired spell
 effect with a Soul Trap effect. Aim the spell straight down at the ground to get an
 unlimited spell effect. Note: You have to own a spell that has the desired effect
 before you can use that effect in enchanting or spell making. Magic effects that
 cancel themselves for any reason other than time will cancel for the same reason
 (for example, invisibility or a summoned creature dying). Do not use spell effects
 that you will want to cancel later (for example, unlimited water walking).

 Everlasting Bound Armor:
 Note: This trick does not work with beast races. Go to the trader in Caldera. Buy
 the Enchanted Helmet from him for 1700 septims. Equip the spell it has of Bound
 Armor, then drop the bound armor. Wait for the effect to wear off, then
 immediately pick it up. You can only drop the Bound Armor from this item.

Legendary Long Blade Locations:
Goldbrand- Find Botheith's sunken shrine, northwest of Hla Oad,find the sculptor in
Ghorak Manor in Caldera, but him a Styatue book and give him 2000 gold, go to
Khartag Point(North of Gnaar Mok), wait two weeks and talk to the shrine.

Chrysamere- Go to Abanabi (Southwest of Sadrith Mora), kill a female mage and
loot her body for the Chrysamere. This cavew is infested with Atronach.

Umbra Sword- Go just east of Suran, and look around inbb the mountains for an
orc wearing full orcish armor. Hear his sob story about his exploits mand fight him.
He's tough, but he gives you the Umbra Sword after his death.

Daedric Cresecnt- Go to Tel Fyr, hall of Fyr, levitate up and find a man with full
dadric armor (except the helm). DO NOT KILL HIM!!! Near him, you will find a
small chest. Lockpick it if you can, if you can't, grab the key from his desk, go to
the corpusarium and unlockl several other chests that will eventually give you the
key for the smmall chest. Inside is a Daedric Sanctuary Amulet. Equip it and
transport to Megas Volar. Kill Lord Dregas Volar and get warped back with
Crescent in hand.

Ice Blade of the Monarch- Go to Rotheren (South of Dagon Fel) and make your
way to an arena. Find a man with a red robe, kill him and loot his body for his ring,
robe and Monarch Blade.

Temreki, Shackler of Souls- Larrius Varro in Buckmoth fort owns this blade. Do his
quest and kill everyone at Balmora Council club, come back to him and get a Ring
of Surroundings. Now that he's useless and still has his blade... you be the judge
of what to do next :).

Fury- In Kogoruhn (northeast of Maar Gan), and loot a corpse (other corpses have
good things, too.

Magebane- In the subsection of Urshilaku burial grounds, Laterus Burial Grounds
(South of Urskilaku Camp)

Trueflame- Follow the story of Tribunal, eventually you will get a mission to "Forge
the Blade". Finish this quest and get it.

Hopesfire- Kill Almelexia at the Dome of Sotha Sil, Clockwork City (No relative
location)at the end of Tribunal.

Bi-Polar Blade- At Mournhold's Great Bazaar, find Marena Gilnith, talk to her, then
talk to the nearby Dunmer shopkeeper. Set them uyp for a date by just talk to
each about the subject. After the date, talk to the Dunmer male and get the Bi-
Polar Blade.

Gravedigger- Kill Tienius Delitian and loot his body. He's part of Mournhold's story,
so finish first.

Shadowsting- In Thirsk, Solstheim there is a stump at the opposite side of the door
that holds the Shadowsting and many other goodies :).

Stalhrim Longsword of Flames- Do the quest as a human (not-werewolf), and
KorstWind eye will give it to you.

Seasplitter- Found on the remains of a Pirate Captain Skeleton Enemy.

Stromfang- In Brodir Grove, find Ulfgar the Unending, hear his sob story about
Soverngard, go to thirsk, go upstairs to a bookseller, buy a Soverngard book,
read it, go back, fight him, get his Stromfang, and I won't spoil the ending for you.

Spells for skills:
First, go through enough of the story to go to mournhold, then, warp there. Once
there, go to the Imperial Cult area. There, look for a robed women. She will sell
spells that will fortify skills like alchemy and illusion, rather than strenght or speed.
Buy ONE spell, then find someone who can make spells, add that effect and you
will be able to fortify any skill except attack.

Legit Werewolf trick:
In Bloodmoon quest, at the very end, you will be entered in Hircine's hunt. If you
are a werewolf, change back into human, nomatter how long it takes. Once
human, you must get to the second arera of the maze. Find Heart-Fang (leader of
the Skall). Hew will give you the option to join forces. Refuse and kill him. He will
not only reveal he's a werewolf, but after you kill him, you recieve Hircine's Ring.
When worn, you become a werewolf. You get it from him even if you're a werewolf.

Overflow loot bag cheat:
At any time during the game, enter a house, and drop any excess luggage off.
Continue to do this and the house will get an overflow loot bag. It will put any
extra items in it, and will never overflow itself. This is not good if you're trying to
take over a house and make it look nice.

Magic Refill:
While playing the game press the B button to go into the character screen. Then
go to the stats screen and go to the magic bar and press the following: Black,
Black, White, White, Black, White. Then hold down the A button and hit the B
button your magic should refill every time you use a spell (NOTE: This cheat will
end and you will have to do it over again when you go back into the inventory

Go to Thrisk, it is a Mead Hall north of fort Frost Moth and behind it there is a
hollow stump. Look inside to find 5 or 10 ebony arrows with drain 5000 health on
target as well as a Dedric sword. North of there is a Nordic town. Find the town
well, open it and jump in. Swim fast to find a tunnel out of the water and you will
find a man with a robe which gives ultimate necromancy.

Train for 1 gold:
To train for 1 gold you must go to sadrith mora and in the dirty muriels club you
should find the master of illusion (he is on the top floor in a green robe)

buy the 'scourge blade' spell to get drain skill
then go into spellmaking menu and make the spell drain 100 to 100 mudutide on
self for 2sec (when you open the drain skill a menu should came up with all the
skills click on the skill you want to increase) then go and find a trainer that has the
skill you want cast the spell and quickly enter the training menu if u did it correctly
the skill you picked should be on 1gold
when you train a messege should come up saying 'your .... has gone up to 0' dont
worry about that when the spell go off your chosen skill has actully gone up by 1

Keep Restore On:
If using any of the restore (health/magicka/fatigue) cheats, when entering the
code, do not let go of 'A'! After entering the code (ex: Health - BWBBB) and hitting
A, hold A instead, and while holding A hit B. This will exit you from the status
screen but if you get injured your health will recharge instantly.

Daedric Cresent Blade:
To find the Daedric Crescent Blade (a legendary item) go to Tel Fyr. On a table
beside Devithe Fyr there is a key to plunder the dungeon, take the key he wont
mind. Plunder the dungeon until you find the Daedric sanctuary amulet. Put the
amulet on and it will teleport you to a daedric shrine. Once there beat the dremora
and it will appear in your inventory.

Ball fell: talking mudcrab:
Northeast of Bal Fell is a a rich talking Mudcrab. He is directly across from Releth
Ancestrial Tomb. He has 10,000 gp and buys items full price (unless they are
broken). He will buy most items. If you manage to find him and you have a spell
called Mark use it there. If you Mark it, you can cast a spell called Recall to warp
there. Do not kill him. You will need him after you get farther in the game and
need someone to sell items to.

Really good light chest plate:
First you need to go to Sadrith Mora then go to Tel Fry which is on a island a little
bit south west of Sadrith Mora. Then go to the top level once you get there. There
will be a dresser with a 100 lock level, break into that and there will be a cuirass
called Saviors Hide.

100.000 gold:
Theres 100.000 gold in Dagoth ur's Ciridil in a lock 100 and traped chest in the
Lorkan Heart Room. It might be hard to find but it will be worth it!

Lengendary Blunt Weapon Locations:
Skull Crusher- Found just outside Sadrith Mora. Take a nearly invisible path
outside, follow it and find a dardic ruin. The door in baricaded, so go to a nearby
island, enter an ancestral tomb and make your way into the dadric ruin. Find the
Forge of Hilbongard and locate a levitating chest. Skull Crusher!

Scourge- Found in Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr, next to the small chest where the Daedric
Sanctuary Amulet is found.

Mace of Slurring- Go to Mournhold, go to the Sadri Manor and talk to some psycho-
chick at the bottom floor. Go talk to a wizard at Craftsmen's hall, go back to find a
tough lock. Unlock iot and proceed to find a dead High Ordinator (Free Her Hand's
Armor!!!) Go through a trap door, find a dead body, continue through to find crates
blocking your next route. Twist a crank on one of the pipes to raise the water. Go
down, find another crank to the left and lower the water. Make your way to the
next area. Here are some odd toys, one that when you get too close, you get
hurt... badly! Turn right at the fork and confront her. Kill her to get the mace, a
Daedric Longbow and 5 SWEET ebony arrows.

Mace of Molag Bal- Complet Molag Bal's quest by going to Kora-Dur an killing
Menta Na, a Deadroth. In his home are many nice things. Go back to Molag Bal
and he'll give you his Mace.(His shrine is in Yansirramus, west of Sadrith Mora.
He'll give you directions to Kora-Dur).

Staff of Hasedoki- Found on someone in Gimothran Ancestral tomb, South of the
Dumner Stronghold, Falensarano.

Staff of Magnus- Found near Mount Kand Cavern in a cve called Assu.
Crosier of St. Lothis- Found near a skeleton in a tower right before you fight
Dagoth Ur.

Severed Nord Leg- Ooh Goody!!! A leg! Go to Thirsk, Solstheim after you get so
far in the Tribunal story where you fight Aeslip. Go to Thirsk, speak with the
survivor, get the info on the Uderfryte (A big, green monkey!), and slay it. Its
cave it very close to Lake Fjalding. It has its heart and a severed Nord Leg... Yum!

Veloth's Judgment- Speak with Tharer Rotheloth in Molag Mar, Temple. Get up to
the mission "Slay Raxle Berne". He gives it to you for suit up.

Legendary Axe Locations:
Spear of Bitter Mercy- The god of Spears!!! To do this, go to St Olms sewers,
Vivec, go find a shrine, talk with the Shegorath statue and accept his quest (it may
be in St. Delyn). To do his quest, get the Fork of Horripolation from Big Head and
cross some qater to an island and find a Giant Bull Netch. Land a death blow with
the fork, but but attack it if you want, with anything else. Kill it and you are
rewarded with the Spear of Bitter Mercy!

Blessed Spear- In Tribunal, do the quest where you must cleanse the Shrine of the
Dead with Urvel Dulni. Bring him, back alive and get the spear.

Greed- Found in Vivec's vaults(I'm not sure which one). Don't go too far for it, its
not too good.

All Daedric Armor locations:
In my opinion, this is possibly the greatrest cheat/tip for Heavy Armor users.
Here's the list.

Daedric Face of god- In the sub-section ship burial area in Marvani Ancestral
Tomb. You need to levitate up to where the glowing crystals are.

Daedric Face of Terror- Found most easily in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, lower
level, worn my a man wearing all glass (except bracers) also found in, also found
in the forge of Hilbongard, where you can find the legendary Skull-Crusher. It's at
a very high location.

Deadric Face of Inspiration- You can kill a bouyant Armiger at Ghostgate, Tower of
dusk, you can go to Mamaea, go to where to find the Fang of Haynekhtnamet,
beside it is a Daedric face of Inspiration. It can also be found in a Cavern called
Ibar Dad, close to Eleidon's Ward.

Daedric Cuirass- You must join house Telvanni, and do a quest for Mistress
Therana (who's completely insane), and bring her Auriel's Bow. She will reward
you with a Daedric Cuirass and Daedric Greaves, both enchanted with 50 Feather
on each.

Daedric Greaves- See Daedric Cuirass.

Daedric Pauldron(R)- Found in the Wailingdelve. First, travel top Mournhold, get to
the point where you find a Dwemer ruin, find a bunch of collapsed rocks on a side,
blow them up, go through the daedric ruin, find the citidel of Myn Dhrur, levitate to
a high platform and find the Wailingdelve.

Daedric Pauldron(L)- Found in the Tower of Karstaag, in the very north part of
Solstheim. It's entrance is tough to see, and the pauldron, lying on the floor, is
even tougher to spot.

Daedric Gauntlet(R)- You can kill an Imperial in Tel Vos, Aryon's chambers for
one, or go to Kogohrun, charma's breath or the other cavern, find an alter and two
Daedric Gauntlets will await you.

Daedric Gauntlet(L)- Go to Kogohrun, charma's breath or the other cavern, find an
alter and two Daedric Gauntlets will await you.

Daedric Boots- Go to the Vampire infested, Dwemer Ruin, Galom Deus and on a
shelf, you'll find the Daedric Boots.

Daedric Armor- If you have no regard for the main story, juist go to Tel Fyr, Hall
of Fyr, levitate to find Divyith Fyr, just chillin'. But be warned, he is one TOUGH

GrandMaster of Two of the Great Houses:
To become GrandMaster of two Great Houses is really simple. First Join House
Rederon or Tevalli become the Leader or GrandMaster of the House. In the
Nerevarine Quest you have to kill Orvas Dren or make him step down to become
Horator. After this happens talk to Duke Dren about Camonna Tong and he thanks
you for controling them. You are now a Hireling of House Hlaalu. Talk to him again
about Camonna Tong and he makes you a Councilman. Talk to him about business
and he asks you th contol the ordinators, do this and your are the Grand Master.
Note: This only works for House Hlaalu and one other Great House.

Mai'q The Liar:
Mai'q the Liar is by far the most odd NPC you'll ever see (Maybe the Orc at Ald
Daedroth). Anyway, he just lives on a tiny island, off the East coast of the Island
North to Main Vvanderfell (Where Dagon Fel is). He will have a chair and a fishing
pole with him. Talk to him once and he won't say much, but if you talk again, he'll
have great stories including:

Multiplayer- Go seek Rolf the Uber!
Dragons- HIGH in the sky!
Horses- Mai'q's favorite animal!
Vampires- No good info on them.
The only good thing he can tell you is about the sunken shrine of Bothieth.

All he says is lies! Believe me! I spent an hour soaring straight up to see a dragon
and found a 2 minute drop afterwards. Its just really fun, though.

Funny NPC comments:
Okay, go out, with NOTHING equipped. No pants, no shirt, no shoes, no armor,
and the people will notice and mention it to. I've ogtten such comments like:

"We are not amused..."
"Were you in a hurry? You forgot to get dressed"
"Put some clothes on!"

They say many funny things, so try it out.

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