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Max Payne

Cheat mode

 Start a game. Press Back during a game to display the main menu.
 Then at the main menu, hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click
 Right Analog-stick, and quickly press White, Black(2), White(2),
 Black. A cheat option will appear. The cheat menu will have "All
 Weapons" and "Refill" (restores ammunition, painkillers, and bullet
 time) options. To use these cheats, press Back during a game and
 select the desired options at the cheat menu. Then, press Back to
 resume the game. Note: Other cheats in the cheat menu must be unlocked
 during the game.

 Additional difficulty settings

 Successfully complete the game on the "Fugitive" difficulty setting
 to unlock the "Dead On Arrival" and "New York Minute" difficulty

 Bonus level

 Successfully complete the game on the "New York Minute" difficulty
 setting to unlock a new bonus level where you have to kill a lot
 of enemies, all in bullet time.

Level Skip:
During gameplay, press Start. Then hold L and press Black four times, X six times,
Y three times and then Back. When you're at the Main Menu, go back and a sound
will confirm that you've completed the current chapter.

Weapon and Refill Codes:
At the main menu screen (the screen where you can select new game, resume
game, ect.) hold down both of the thumbsticks and both triggers (L & R) at the
same time. Then, while holding the thumbsticks down and holding both triggers
down press White, Black, Black, White, White, Black. This code will work if you do
it right.

This will open an additional menu at the bottom of the screen. Once you get into
the cheat code screen, you can select two things; all weapons and refills. An
explanation for each is described in the game when you highlight it in the menu.

In order to use the cheats, you must first start a game. Then, once your new
game has started press the back button on the controller to access the main
menu. Then go into the cheat menu and activate the codes by pressing the A
button on the cheat you wish to activate.

Infinite painkillers:
To get infinite painkillers you have to press start during a game then press white,
white, black, A, B, X, Y, Y ,Y, R, and then right by your health bar it will say 100+.

The Devil Level:
If your stuck on the first or second level were you have to walk on the lines of
blood here is how you beat it, if you are on the first level of the blood lines then if
you look to your left at just the right angle you can see another door, walk acroos
to that side to get tto that door and then the rest is just the halls. If your on the
second blood line level the time slows alot mor annd you have to keep jumping till
your at the bottom level of blood lines. Walk the opposite direction of the door you
walked into the bllood line area in and you should find a big circle of candles. Just
jump onto the crib on press "a". Then your at the next part and out of the blood
line level.

Secret Ending:
Complete the game on "Dead on Arrival" difficulty, using no codes, and you will be
transfered to the "Final Battle." There you must fight several enemies in
permanent bullet time. If you can defeat them, a door will open, revealing a secret

Fight the Rats:
In Part 1 Chapter 2, at the very beginning, throw a grenade (you must use the "All
Weapons" cheat to have one) in the hole in the brick wall in front of you. Select
Show Objectives, and a new objective will appear: a war against rats. Continue
the level and pass the sewer, then go up the stairs. There you will find armed rats
to battle.

Bonus Bullet Time Level:
Complete the game on "New York Minute" difficulty to unlock a bonus level where
you have to kill a lot of enemies, all in bullet time

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