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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Naked cheat:
Get the emu smimming suit and wear it on every girl and go to the pool and
make them wear emu. Then look an there head for a few minutes then she
will go naked. Only works for not all the girls !

Submitted by: habusha

Get every item in the game:
Start a new folder with Tina and don't play any games until the 6th day.
On that day win 1 game and after that keep sending lotion to Lisa. After that
finish the rest of the games and win at the end. Then shut off your xbox and
go into your same file and all the items will be there under gifts.

Submitted by: street_hoopz@hotmail.com

Extra money:
Note: This trick requires Dead Or Alive 3. Play Dead Or Alive 3 and select a
character that also appears in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball in survival
mode. The more wins you have in survival mode, the more money you will start
with in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Swimsuits in exhibition mode:
Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you
acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

Disable commentary:
Enter to the options menu, then change Zack's language to Japanese.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, you can
immediately advance to the end. Select the "Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel
or pool menu to skip to the ending.

Ending sequence:
Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the
remains of his island.

Bonus music tracks:
You can unlock two hidden music tracks in the game: "How Crazy Are You"
(by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley). To obtain them, play through the
game once. When you resume that saved game file, these two hidden songs will
be available in the Radio Station.

Extra items:
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on
that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in
the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new

Preferred gifts:
Ayane: Peridot, Beauty Treatment, Marrons Glace, Shuriken
Christie: Turquoise, Tomato Juice, Steering Wheel, Collar, Animal Prints
Helena: Garnet, Blancmange, Seaworld Ticket, Dolphin Brooch, Dolphin Clock,
music or opera items
Hitomi: Emerald, Sachetorte, Frying Pan, Microwave, Recipe
Kasumi: Amethyst, Strawberry Millefeuille, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Shuriken
Lei Fong: Diamond, Chinese Dessert, Aroma Pot, Panda, Oreial swimsuits, stuffed
toys, diamonds
Lisa: Ruby, Cherry Pie, Research Book
Tina: Turquoise, Prototype Xbox, Sapphire Brooch, Lobster, Crab

Getting Rid Of Rodman's Voice
Go to the Options menu and change Zack's voice to Japanese.

Skip To Ending
Once you've finished the game once, you will be able to skip to the end of the two
weeks with any girl. Go to the Hotel or Poolside menu and select "Leave
Tomorrow" to end the game after that night.

Finding an easy match
When looking at the selectable courses, look at the profiles of the two characters
you are playing against. They seem to follow the same ones from Exhibition mode,
where if her head is turned slightly, it indicates that she is less willing to play with
the person she is paired with. This often leads to a lot of missed volleys and spikes
on their part, making for an easier match and a chance to win more money.

Keeping on good terms with your partner
Give your partner their favorite gift in color, type, hobby, or their nationality (one
or two gifts). When you wake up in the morning, check the music notes around
their head. If only one music note floats up, you are not doing well with your
partner. If it is two music notes, then their enthusiasm is pretty good. Three music
notes indicates that both of you are getting along very well.

Selecting a partner
Choose your partners wisely. Try to partner up with girls that have a lot of power;
for example, Tina or Hitomi. Then, when you are receiving the ball during game
play, try to have them make the first hit upon return, in which case you set them
up for a spike using B. Very often, the other players, even if they are blocking, will
be knocked down by their enormous spikes.

Lock view
When viewing a "Gravure" movie or another camera-controlled angle, click the
Right Analog-stick to lock and unlock the desired angle.
Click the Left Analog-stick to lock the view controlled by it in its current position.
Zoom to a desired magnification then press X to lock it at that setting.

When your partner sets you up for a spike, there is an easier way to score. Hold
Left Analog-stick Left to make the ball fly closer to the net, so it is harder for the
other team to recover. If they try to block your spike, use the same method only
use Tap and they will almost never get it.

Force replay
Hold L immediately after someone scores.

Control ball during spike
Press Left during the spike to spike it short; Right to spike it deep; Up to spike it
high (to the top of the screen); or Down to spike it low (to the bottom of the
screen). You can do this in a combo (for example, press Down/Right to spike it low
and deep.

Good serve
In order to receive 1000 points for each serve, make sure that your calibration is
adjusted so that it is about 30% (one third of the way from the left of the bar),
then press A firmly to throw the ball in the air. Press A firmly again just before the
player is about to make contact with the ball. This is very helpful during game
play, as you can still get some points even if you lose your match.

Get the Venus on all the girls:
Only one girl - Lisa - can buy the best suit in the game, but you can give it as a gift
to the other girls. Start a new game with Lisa, and pick a teammate. Only send
gifts to that girl. Send her less-expensive suits at first, and work your way up
slowly to the Venus, or else she'll throw it away if you give it too soon. Give one
suit in each price bracket, and try to give the ones that are that girl's favorite
color, though they all do accept gifts of a similar color. As an example, Lisa's
favorite color is stated as Crimson Red, but she's equally happy with Hot Pink.
Neon Orange turns her off.

It's important to keep your teammate happy or she won't accept the more
expensive suits, so toss in the smaller items (hats, shoes, volleyballs, foods, etc)
to keep their levels up, even if you're on a winning streak...

You might have to play through the game with Lisa a couple or more times to get
enough money to buy all the gifts, but only send gifts to that one girl until you can
give her the Venus. Even if she throws it away, continue sending her smaller gifts
until the end of the game.

Now start a new game and pick the girl you were just sending gifts to as Lisa, and
pick Lisa as your partner. Whatever Lisa (you) sent that was thrown away in the
previous game will be re-sent by Lisa (computer), and now you can manually
choose to accept those gifts, including the Venus and other suits.

Do the same thing with all the other girls. The computer will send the other girls
onto the courts wearing the Venus, but it might be a good idea to play at least one
game with each girl to delete excess suits from their inventory, because the
computer sends suits out to the other girls as well. Sadly, you can't delete all the
suits and only leave them with the Venus, but you can certainly make their choices

Another tip: Helena and Christie are both pains in the butt for this trick! You really
have to shmooze these two because they are so fickle, and the computer doesn't
help by not rotating the inventory to keep a plentiful stock of the colors you need
(when trying to get Lisa to send Christie (me) the Venus, all I had for inventory
was dark purple suits (Ayane), and Lisa split quickly because I couldn't send her
anything she liked).

Helena is just too Goth for her own good - lose a few games and she scrams, and
it takes 4 days to get her back if she even comes out in the day. She's also slow
about sending good gifts even if you're winning with perfect games (hats, shoes,
cheap suits, etc).

Better Exhibition Mode:
In zack island mode,there are very nice costumes.To get other characters, such as
Tina 2 try on the gaia or peridot, you will have to SHOWER HER WITH GIFTS! If
this is unsuccessful,(if she throws it in the trash), YOU will still be able to wear the
costume. If it IS successful, you will both be able to wear the costume.

Toss wisely:
While playing the a volleyball game, it is often useful to toss the ball to your
partner who may spike it and score a point. However, if you toss the ball to your
partner while she is back half way or more from the net, she may try and spike
the ball hard and hit the net, causing the other team to get a point.

Preventing cheap shots
When you are playing a match, and the opposing team spikes the ball so hard that
your player receives the ball but hits the ground and the ball flies back over the
net, about 90% of the time the opposing team is going to spike that ball at where
you are laying. Use the Right Analog-stick to move your partner to the spot where
you were standing, so they can bounce it to you while you are getting up, or hit
the ball back over the net.

Moving your partner:
If you do not like the position in which your partner is standing during a match,
you can move them by using the Right Analog-stick.

Detecting bad emotions on the court:
During the first few matches with a new teammate, she will compliment you on a
good serve or spike. The moment your partner stops giving you kudos, it is time
to cheer her up as best as possible. If it is someone you can do without, this is not
that important, but otherwise you will need to buy your friend something she will
really like to stay in good terms with her. If none of the shops have exactly what
you want, go to the Sports Shop and buy a moderately expensive swimsuit. That
usually does the trick and usually there is something that she really likes in the
shops the next day. Remember, when the two of you break up she will not accept
any more gifts from you until the vacation's over.

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