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Blinx - The Time Sweeper

Never lose retries
If you die near the begining of the level and dont feel like using a retry, well,
sorry, you have to. But its worth it in the end. use it then see how far you get. if
you die without a retry immediatly pause and say restart level. it will restart with
all your retrys you had at the start of the level.

Ultimate Sweeper
The TS-X7 is the ultimate sweeper in the game. It has all the sweepers combined.
To get it, you must have all the Secret Cat Medals in the game. Then the sweeper
appears in the stores. The cost is 90,000.

World 1 Boss Strategy
Pauses are helpful here. Get 5 barrels and shoot at him. Repeat till dead.

World 2 Boss Strategy
Pause then shoot him in the tail. Repeat till Dead.

Hidden Cat Medals level 1-1
1. Pick blue crystals and hit pause. Run for the medal.
2. When the statue collapses jump on top of it's head, then rewind.
3.Buy a TS-1600 for 4000g. Go up to the 16ton thing then suck it up. Ahead of you will be a medal.

Unlock the ultimate weapon
Collect 80 cat medals to get access to buying the ultimate weapon.

Easy money:
Fight the Boss of Hourglass Caves. He is easy, and can be defeated in under a
minute. Kill him, and get as close to the location he was last at when he died. If
you are in the correct location, you will pick up all of the money he spits out.

Easy money 2:
Defeat a boss and collect all the gold coins. When you finish collecting them,
immediately use a Rewind. Most of the coins will return, allowing you to get almost
double the amount of gold.

Easy money 3:
On stage 1 round 2, there is a pig on a flying object. As soon as he appears from
his hole in the ground, use a pause and get the gold. Then, finish the level. Repeat
this as many times as needed. This is helpful when you are trying to get a new

Easy money4:
On stage 3 round 2, there is a pig on an airbike. Defeat him and collect all the gold
afterwards. After gettung all the gold in the area, there is a "gambling game"
nearby. Go up to it, making sure you have things to shoot at it. Use a Slow. When
you hit the target at the correct time, lots of gold will appear. Collect the gold, then
continue. As you go, use a Fast Forward to make things go faster. After awhile, the
gambling game will be spinning again. Repeat the process with the allotted time
you have remaining.

To get lots of gold, repeat any level with gold and collect as many of those "circle
clock" things without losing them, as at the end of a level they will give you gold.

Duplicating high yield items:
For example, in Stage 1 Level 2 you will encounter two time monsters balancing on
clock balls. Each of these balls are high yield items. This means each ball if kept in
your sweeper at the end of the round will yield 100 gold. Note: Upon entering the
level user should have or obtain at least One Record power-up. After killing off all
necessary time monsters, make sure to collect and save both time clock balls
remaining behind after killing the time monster atop them. Go somewhere in the
level with a fair amount of room and make sure both clock balls are ready to be
expelled. Use a Record power-up, and while recording, shoot out/expel both clock
balls and wait for Record power-up to run out. After the Record power-up has run
out, you are rewound and returned to the state previous to expelling the clock
balls. You will notice that your recorded self expels/shoots out two balls. If you
now look at your sweeper bag you will see that the two original balls are still there.
You can now go and pick up the other two balls and have four instead of two. Even
better, if you have two Record power-ups, after collecting the first set of extra
balls you can then record yourself expelling all four balls. Then, your recorded self
will expel four balls and now after collecting those four, you will have eight balls.
Note: This will work with any item.

Unlock a hidden movie of the developers
Acquire an A+ or better ranking (S+) on stages 1-1 through 8-4 to unlock a hidden
Prize that is a short movie of the developers. This video shows up at the bottom of
your Prize list under your ''Collection'' in the main UI.

Unlock the opening and ending movies
Beat the game to add the opening and ending cinematics to the game to your Prize
list under ''Collection'' in the main stage select UI.

Level skip
While playing a game, hold Black and press White to advance to the next level
with the current level marked as complete with an "S+" rank. Note: This can only
be done in levels that have not already been completed. Press Black + White on
controller two to advance to the next level , without completing the current level.
This brings you to the standard level roundup screen, where Blinx will get paid for
the trash, etc. he has collected and keep his time crystals as normal. This is also
useful for getting an A+/S+ time when all else fails.

A Laughing Benito Brother
In Stage two, Times Square, go to the part where there's a room filled with gold.
Pause time and get all the gold and time crystals in the area, except the three
hearts on a broken platform. Watch him sweep the crystals on the broken
platform. If you did this correctly, the medal shouldn't be there, but the Benito
Brother will be standing on his air bike and cheering and slowly floats down until
he hits the ground and disappears in a time stream.

Double Item's
Get as many item's as you want and use Record and then shoot all the item's you
wan't to and when your Record is done you can pick up all the item's you shot in
Record with out shooting any of the item's off Record.

Good Rank:
Complete all stages with an A+ grade or better to unlock a bonus movie.

Fast Stage Finish:
As soon as a stage starts, quickly jump back and land on the starting ring. The
game will occasionally allow Blinx to treat the start ring as the finish ring.

Defeating the Second Boss:
As soon as you enter the room, the frog will pop out. Start running in the opposite
direction. As you run, the frog will jump at you once. Keep running until you get to
the opposite side that you got in at. There be a ledge. Jump up onto it. The frog
cannot shoot or jump up on the ledge. Wait until he turns his back, then shoot.
Note: This will require a few shots.

Defeating the Cavern Boss:
Use Time Changers wisely. Use Pause when he is just normally attacking you to
get behind him easily, and when he does his two-charge attack. When he starts to
charge at you in the two-charge attack, use Pause quickly and move out of the
way (unless you can dodge it). Another way to avoid his two-charge attack is to
use Record. When he starts charging you the first time, use Record and run
around. He cannot hurt you, and when you return to normal time, he will follow the
recorded version of Blinx instead of the real version. An easy way to hit him
without using time alterations or waiting for his normal charge is to shoot any
piece of junk at him when you are relatively close. When he sucks it in, run behind
him and shoot him.

Defeating the Momentopolis Boss:
When you first start the level, you will see a short intermission sequence, then the
Boss will form. After that, time will rewind and you will face the fourth Boss,
followed by the seventh Boss, sixth Boss, and finally the eighth Boss. Buy at least
one bomb and fill up on retries. Once you get to the final area, the Boss will take
all of your time commands (provided you have any) and the fight will start. To
damage him, shoot him while he is spawning bombs. During this time he will
summon a few hundred crystals and activate the power associated with it (yellow
stars for Slow or orange pyramids for Fast Forward). If he summons a Fast
Forward, run around and avoid him until the effect wears off. With a Slow, you will
get hit by lightning about 99% of the time. Once you hit him three times, he copies
himself (sort of Record). They will both spawn bombs and even cause a
shockwave. He will then use Pause (blue moons). Once he gets all the crystals,
time a jump in mid-air and you will avoid all attacks. The bombs spawned this time
are both regular and encased in ice, which will cause the floor to ice for a while. To
damage him, you must fire one bomb at either Boss, then fire at the second one
quickly. Do this three times and you will move on. This time, he will chase after
you and try to chop you. Keep running and jumping to avoid him. To damage him,
you must use one of each time command. He will "absorb" it and start losing the
outer shell. It is recommended that you get them in your spare time within the first
two phases. After you use all five, the entire outer shell will fall off. He will try to
ram you. After he does this, he is temporarily vulnerable. Quickly shoot him and
he will be defeated.

Defeating the Forgotten City Boss:
Use the water in the middle. The Boss for some reason cannot go into the water. If
you are in there, you can get to the correct location and hit him from behind.
Finish the stage before this with a Record Control. Fill up your Sweeper (do not use
any on him yet). Then, go outside the gates. When he shows up, pick up what you
need to get a Pause Control. Make sure you are close to and in front of him, then
use your Record Control. Run past him and keep running. When the Record's
power up is done, the recording will play. While the boss is chasing it, hit him from
behind and repeat as he becomes normal. Next, use Pause in front of him. Run
behind and shoot him. This works even better if you start off with multiple Pauses
or Records.

Defeat De Ja Vu Canals Boss:
To defeat this Boss, if you don't have any Slows or Pauses double jump onto one
of the three ledges on the outside of the area. Don't worry about Time Crystals.
He can't get you here. Then move to one side and when he turns his back shoot.
But don't stand too near the edge of the platform because he can get you with
trash there. Hit him three times like this. Don't be impatient, though, because this
is a time-consuming strategy.When he shoots out trash suck it up because
sometimes it gets in the way of your shots.If he shoots two consecutive bits of
trash, avoid the second one before sucking them up.

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