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Brute Force

Bonus multi-player characters
To unlock characters for Multiplayer, collect DNA containers stashed throughout
the levels.

Single Player Breeze
If you don't have anyone you can play with and you are forced to do this yourself,
you can have a relatively easier time (and save ammo) by simply using Hawk (the
Assassin) to kill one or two enemies while cloaked, then retreating to regenerate
energy, then doing this over and over until you need the really heavy firepower of
your AI buddies.

Bust 100%
In order to achieve 100 percent completion on a mission, you have to play on the
Brutal difficulty setting. Complete all primary and secondary objectives, kill every
single enemy and find the hidden DNA sequence. Also, you can't allow any of your
teammates to die.

Earning Medals
At the mission select screen, you'll see four spots for medals. The first three spots
are filled when you beat the mission on Standard, Hard and Brutal. The fourth is
filled when you find the hidden DNA sequence. If you've completed all objectives
and killed all enemies, the medal will be gold. If not, it will be silver.

Here's a little cheat to regenerate your teammates. If you're on your last guy,
insert another three controllers into your Xbox and press start. As new players
join, your teammates will be brought back to life. Now just quit out of the three
games you just opened and you'll go back to single player mode, but your
teammates will remain.

Regeneration Glitch (Special Energy)
Regenerate special energy quickly by crouching.

Unlock Characters
To unlock characters, find the DNA sequence in the following missions.

Confed Marine: Mission 1 or Mission 6
Feral Colonist: Mission 2
Feral Outcast: Mission 3
Feral Shaman: Mission 9
Fire Hound: Mission 13
Gunthar Ghent: Mission 10
Hunter Lord: Mission 18
McTavish: Mission 14
Militia: Mission 5 or Mission 11
Outcast Shaman: Mission 7
Seer Follower: Mission 4
Seer Priest: Mission 8
Shadoon: Mission 12
Shrike Heavy: Mission 16
Shrike Hound: Mission 17
Shrike Soldier: Mission 15

How to beat the final boss
The final boss at first may be difficult but he really is easy. Get near the shield that
he teleports him self to. If you look around near there you will see those generator
things you had to shoot earlier in the mission. Shoot them all and then go to were
the console is in the middle of the area your in. When he teleports back to the
shield was, activate the console and a meteor will crash into him killing him.

Easy powerups at lava levels
You can get easy ammo, grenades, and medpaks in those lava levels(the first lava
level you get Hawk)by going those little blue huts the caammander guy says
something like "i got a good signal on this place" then powerups come up. Then
whenever you go in a little blue huts powerups come.

Squad death match teams
Have you wondered how to get squads for squad death match? Well what you
have to do is get all the members of the squad. Like for the platoon you have to
get Guther Ghent, Ty McTavish, Confed marine, and militia.

Faster rate of fire
Create a new profile called RAPIDFIRE. This will heavily increase your rate of
fire, but it also drains ammo.

Unlock Cartoon Mode
To unlock Cartoon Mode start a new profile in the game and name it HVYMTL.
Begin a new campaign and start the game. When you are playing the level layouts
should now look very different, and have a coloring book feeling to them.
When you shoot someone the blood should look alot like paint, and other
changes should be in effect as well as long as you have it turned on.

Tough Characters
Make a profile named MATTSOELL. This will make the characters lose
very little health when hit.

Stupid Enemies
Make a profile named SPRAGNT. This will make your enemies accuracy very bad.

Further Grenade Distance:
Get any type of grenade look straight up slightly look towards where you want to
chuck it and hold the left trigger down and let it fly. It should go further but it isn't
that accurate.

Better Defense:
Enter ERINROBERTS as your profile name.

Brutal Difficulty:
Enter BRUTAL as your profile name.

Die fast:
Enter DBLDAY as your profile name.

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