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Pirates of the Caribbean

Infinite Money
Keep going in and out of any tavern until there is a viable officer candidate waiting
to be hired. Tell them you don't think they are worth what they are asking, they
will lower their price, then say they are still not worth their fee. Keep doing this,
and eventually it will turn into a negative sum. The amount of money you hire
them for (which will be shown as a negative amount, -5000 for example) will
INCREASE your gold instead.

NOTE: I discovered this with a commerce skill of 7, and each time I performed the
trick, the amount went down by 700. With a lower skill rating, they sometimes
refuse to lower their price.

God mode for self and your ship. Sails and ship crew unaffected.
Press A, Y, X(2), Y(2), B, Y, X, A during game play on land.

Additional 100,000 gold:
Press A, X, Y, B, Y, B, X, B(2), A during game play on land.

50 skill points:
Press A, B, Y, X, Y, B(2), Y, B, A during game play on land.

Neutral reputation:
Press A ,X, Y, X, Y, B(2), Y, B, A during game play on land.

Easy Ship Takeovers
Since you are at war with France, you are going to attack some French ships. But
not any french ships, only those that are battling pirate ships, because any other
time when you encounter french ships they attack you. But this time they will be
your allies, against the pirates, so find a battle where you are totally out numbered
by the pirates and quickly defeat them. Now after the battle the french ships will
not attack you, they will sail on their way. Get in close to those french ships and
fire your kibles at their sails, do it to each ship, but do not fire anything else or the
ships will instantly attack you. Now with their sails destroyed they cannot manuver
very well, when you begin your attack, you can pick them off or flee if you must.
Next select the ship you want to take over, get in real close and fire the grape shot
at point blank rage. You will kill off some of the crew, and will instantly board their
ship for a take over. Now when you have your new ship the other french ships "if
there are anymore" will attack you. But since you took out the sails, the battle will
be easy, so sink them or run away to repair. You can do this with other nations,
but once you do this you will be at war with them, which just adds to your
problems early in the game.

Run Away
If you run into a group of baddies you think you cannot beat then run away and
go past the last point where the game loads and they won't follow you.

Fast Money
This requires a character with positive reputation and medium to high commerce

Go to the first tavern you find and hire an officer. When the dialogue text comes
up choose Isn't that to much? Keep selecting this choice until the amount you will
spend for the officer is a negative number.

Repeat this process until you have the desired amount. You can lower this amount
by a max of 1000 at a time with a commerce of 10. (Each point of commerce
equals 100 gold).

Avoid Cannon Fire
If you get yourself into a bad position in a sea battle, and know you're going to be
blasted with serious cannon fire, there is a way to avoid it. When you see the
smoke from the guns, quickly Sail To a different part of the ship and you should
completely avoid the blast.

Run From Confrontation
If you run into a pack of unsavory characters, and don't think you can best them
in battle, flee from them and go past the last point where the game loads. They
will not follow.

Easy Experience Points:
Enable the "God mode" code and go to a storm. Wait there, even if the map
symbol appears. You can get 1,000 or more experience points if you wait there
long. Do not have other ships with you, as they will sink.

Easy experience points #2:
Enable the "Additional 100,000 gold" code a few times and the "Invincibility" code.
Buy a new ship at the beginning of the game and complete all your objectives for
Oxbay. Then, sail to Redmond. After you tell the governor about the attack on
Oxbay, sail back there. Continue to attack the fort. Since you are invincible, you
will not die. About every other time you attack the fort, you will gain a level. This
works best with the Class 1 Battleship.

Easy experience points #3:
A battleship is required for this trick. First, buy any goods in a store and go to the
island where that product is contraband or illegal. Then, talk to the smuggler in the
tavern, fast travel to port, get on your ship, and sail to location the smuggler told
you to meet someone. After you sell the goods, six solders will appear. The officer
will talk to you. After you talk to him, the troops will draw their swords and attack.
Kill them all, then go to your ship. When at sea, there will be three frigates all
named Dolphine. Sink them each for about 6,000 experience each.

Stack captain scores:
You can add more than one person, other than the Captain, onto your other three
ships. All of their scores will stack with that ship's captain's score. There are two
different ways to do this. The first method is at the "Open Sea" screen (where you
can see all of your ships), get close to another one of your ships and a swap cargo
icon will appear. Go into the swap cargo menu. There is an option to switch
captains. Under this option, there is a screen that has four slots. One of them is
the captain of that ship. Click on one of the other three slots, then assign
passengers to each one. When you do this, they dissapear from your passenger
list. You will need to get more party members at the tavern if you want to fill up all
your ships. Do not sell the ship with the other three crewmembers still on it. You
will lose anyone that is still on board. The second method is to capture a ship and
do it when you assign a captain to the captured ship.

Knock 'N Run!:
Go to a door in any part of the game and press Action. Your character will knock
on the door, then you can run away.

Maximum battleship payload on all ships:
Capture or purchase a Class 1 battleship. Go to the store and purchase cannon
ammunition, sailcloth, planks, etc. up to the maximum payload capacity of 4500
lbs. Next, go to the shipyard. Highlight "Battleship", then buy any other ship
desirde. Class 2 super fast frigates or corvettes with 24 lb. cannons are
recommended. You will now notice that you still have your entire battleship cargo,
even though the payload capacity of the frigates and corvettes is less than half of
the battleship's payload capacity. Choose your original cargo wisely, as once you
swap ships you cannot purchase any more cargo until you are under your new
ship's maximum payload capacity.

Escape ships that try to stop you from smuggling:
When you smuggle always make sure you have alot of knipples with you. First use
the command menu to sail to the ship furthest from the beach. Next load the
knipples and keep shooting. If possible try to make one ship bloke the others line
of fire so you only have one on your tail. then put up all sails and shoot the
knipples at the ships.

Officers Pay You to Join Your Crew:
You'll a commerce of at least three to do this. When you meet an officer in a
tavern always ask "Isn't that to much for you?". Then whatever theie answer say
no and talk to them again. Repeat previous steps until they offer about -800 gold
and you'll have lots of officers and you get the money.

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