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Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic

Infinite Health
For Infinite Health press start, then scroll to the right using the "R" button until you
reach the Level Up screen. But you have to be able to level up manully! Then
press level up. After that press the white button on your controller. Then a text
messager should come up with a word bank. Simply press "A" to type in a letter,
and use the "R" and "L" buttons to go side to side to choose your letter. Type
in "YODA'S ROBE", then press the white button again to enter the cheat.
Then you should hear a lightsaber.

Infinite Experience
In the dueling room on Korriban, there's a computer that lets you fight prisoners.
Once you get your computer skill to the level that allows you to use 0 spikes to
Hack Into Security Cameras or Hack Into Sith Database Files, just select that
choice a few times and when you exit the computer interface, you'll get a load of

Null Item Cheat
Before selecting a player, press X, X, Y, X, R, X, START. This doesn't work for
point races.

Hidden Ending
(Note: You need two controllers for this trick)
With your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller
plugged into port 4. Before you enter the final battle with Darth Malak (do NOT
open the door), pull both the 'L' and 'R' buttons on both controllers for a secret

Voice Modulation
(Note: You need two controllers for this trick)
With your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller
plugged into port 4. While playign the game, press the black or white button on the
second controller to raise and lower the pitch of the in-game voices.

Keep the Sith Armor
Once you obtain the armor and complete the associated quest, equip it to another
party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Keep the Sandpeople Robes
Once you obtain the robes and complete the associated quest, equip it to another
party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Easy Path to the Dark Side
When you discover the stowaway aboard the Ebon Hawk, select the option Get out
of here, whoever you are! Right now!! Then, before she leaves, talk to here again
and select the same option. Continue to repeat as you gain 1 Dark Side point each

Fun with Bastila's Wardrobe
Equip Bastila with dark robes and then remove them to see her in slightly different

Alternate ending sequence:
Reach the final battle with Darth Malak, but do not open the door yet. Press L + R
on controllers one and four.

Change voice pitch:
Hold Black or White on controller four during game play to increase or decrease
the pitch of the voice dialogue.

Increase Dark alignment:
After finding the stowaway on the Ebon Hawk, select the "Get out of here, whoever
you are! Right now!" option. Talk to her before she leaves to catch her again.
Choose that dialog option again. Repeat this to increase your Dark alignment.

Hidden level up:
On the first level, when you just get out of the fight with the dark Sith, he gives
you a key. It is to the cargo room on your speeder. When you get inside that
cargo room, go behind the lightsabers to find a level up

Hidden names:
When using the random name generator, press it enough times and you will get
character names from the Homestar Runner cartoons, such as "Homsar"
and "Kerreck." It might take a few tries to find these.

Companion Killer
On Dantooine during your Jedi training you will be sent to investigate someDark
power emanations in the wilderness. When you find Juhani, you can turn her to the
Light Side and have her join your party, or you can threaten to kill her. Do so and
you will set off an interesting chain of events that not only lose you Juhani as a
party member (since she's dead) but sends another Jedi member towards the
Dark Side.

Easy Heal
Anytime you are in a safe area (not in combat or inside a room) you can instantly
heal yourself. Go to the Map screen in the pause menu and hit the X Button to
instantly leap back to the Ebon Hawk. Your party members will be magically
healed. You can then select the Map screen and hit X again to jump back to where
you just were.

Kill Good Guys on Tatooine
After helping the men defend the Sand Crawler in the desert, put on Sand People
outfits (taken from dead Sand Folk) and return to the Sand Crawler. The men will
attack you, thinking you are enemies. You are free to defend yourself and kill
them. Truly an evil act.

Earn Different Endings
Finish game on the Light Side (by doing good deeds and denying the Dark Side) to
see the Light Side ending. Finish game on the Dark Side (by doing evil and
accepting the Dark path) to see the Dark Side ending.

Extra Sidequests
Talk to the other members of your party often. Most have an extra side quest that
can only be activated by talking to them at least 8 times during the game.
Sometimes it takes even more. Bastila's, for example, has you searching for her
mother on Tatooine and Carth's has you hunting for his lost son.

Finding Party Members
Bastila - Jedi Human - Taris
Canderous - Mandalorian Soldier - Taris
Carth - Human Soldier - Endar Spire
HK-47 - Combat Droid - Tatooine (buy him in the droid shop)
Jolee Bindo - Jedi Human - Kashyyyk
Juhani - Jedi Guardian - Dantooine (don't kill her!)
Mission - Tw'lek Scoundrel - Taris
Zaalbar - Wookie Scout - Taris
T3-M4 - Expert Droid - Taris

Get extra items
On the Ebon Hawk, talk to each member of your crew.
You can ask each one to make you specific items:

Mission - Security Spike/Play Pazaak

Canderous - Arenal stimulants
HK-47 - Fighter simulation (shooting mini-game)
Jolee - Medpack
T3-M4 - Computer Spike
Zaalbar - Grenades
Juhani - Annoying accent and whining
Bastila - Crazy visions
Carth - Goatee styling tips

Droid Shutdown
On Korriban in the Valley Of The Dark Lords there are four tombs. One of these
tombs is full of droids that attack you. Destroy all of the hostile droids and open
the door at the end of the long straight corridor. There is a special droid that talks
to you and tells you that he wants to leave the Sith world because he doesn't
agree with killing people. He then asks you to help him by shutting him down.

This is the correct order for shut down:

1. Combat
2. Motor Functions
3. Sensory
4. Memory
5. Cognitive
6. Emotional Construct Matrix
7. Creative
8. Core

This will give you a lot of light points and a lot of experience.

Scare the Crap Out of People on Taris
When you get the Sith uniform on Taris, put it on. Don't go to the Lower City yet.
Instead, walk around upper Taris and talk to people. They're all scared of you
now. Go and harass the people at the Clinic for more chuckles.

Perfect Fight
At any time during a battle you can pause and save the game. When in a boss
battle, be sure to save at least once. This way if the tide turns and you get jacked
up, you can restart the fight midway through.

Medpac Crisis
On Manaan, if you choose to poison the big fish in order to kill it, you'll also poison
the water. This causes a massive shortage in medpacs for the rest of the game,
driving their prices sky-high.

XP Plateau
A legitimate manner to gain XP is to hunt the Dune Seas of Tattooine. The Desert
Wraids are bountiful and come in packs of 4. You'll earn about 2000 xp after each
pack. When you're done with them, simply use the map function to go back to the
Ebon Hawk, heal, and return.

Wave Your Lightsaber Around
Once you get a lightsaber (or two) press Y at any time it is equipped but
disengaged to make the light sword appear. Continuing to press Y will make it look
like your character is attending a rave.

Infinite Light Side Points
This is a bug that should get you infinite light side points. When you first meet
Rahasia you should tell her that you are not interested in finding the son. This will
get you Dark side points. Then talk to her again and apologize and then say you
aren't interested again. You should get light side points for this. Repeat the
apologizing, and denying as many times as needed until you have full light side

Cure Poison For Nada
If you get poisoned or attacked by a force power that life drains your character
after battle, simply talk to any one of your party members and you will
automatically be poison free.

Infinite Computer Spikes
When you know that you're going to need some computer spikes you know that
you can go to T3-M4 in your ship to get them but unfortunately he won't give you
any if you have 11 or more in your inventory. The best way around this is to go to
your supply cargo and deposit your inventory of computer spikes and then go
back and get some more from T3-M4. This can be very time consuming because
you can only deposit one at a time but you can extract them all at once when you
need them. When you know you'll need them retrieve them and hack the hell out
of the system.

Infinite Dark Side Points
When you arrive on Tatooine, you'll find a girl named Sasha who has stowed away
on the Ebon Hawk. Keep on telling her to leave the ship as many times as you can
before she actually leaves. You'll gain Dark Side Points each time you tell her to
leave. If done enough times you'll reach the "Absolute Dark Side Level" (you'll
know because the background has sparking fire behind your character).

Infinite Dark Side Points #2
On Manaan, when you return to the surface using the submersible, you speak to
Roland Wann from the Republic Embassy. He will ask you to keep your business
together a secret at which time you can tell him a bribe would ensure your silence.
Saying this will earn you a dark side point. You can then talk to him repeatedly
doing the same thing and earning dark side points.

This is possibly the best glitch/cheat in the game. When on Manaan equip you
other two party members with expensive items then unequip all items off of them.
Have them go through one of the airlocks down on the Sea Floor. They
will "respawn" with the same items that you just unequip. This duplication items
feat can be used on expensive items (like lightsabers) to get you tons of cash.
Or, you can duplicate crystals and such for extra power items.
Submitted by: JediMaster0012

Darth Dancing Girl:
Skip the final Malak fight by turning him into a Twi'lek dancing girl and boogie
down. This trick can simply be performed by pressing both triggers and Y on both
controllers simultaneously. Malak turns into a green dancing girl, you both dance,
and you leave right after.

Leveling Up :
Be careful when picking your Force Powers and Skills when leveling up. Once you
reach level 20 (combined levels of character class and Jedi class), you can no
longer level up. Make sure you have everything you want before that final level

Malak Boss Fight :
For the final fight against Malak, after you've taken down most of his health, the
Dark Lord will begin draining power from captive Jedi. You need to destroy the
statis chambers with the captured Jedi inside. Use Destroy Droid if you have it.
Malak boosts his power with these, so run around the entire arena destroying them
(including the two on the upper tier). Then use Force Wave to knock down Malak.
You must use Force Immunity or suffer some serious pain. Use Force Wave, heal,
Force Wave, Heal. Continue on this pattern until he is nearly dead. Then finish off
with a sabre duel.

Malak Boss Fight (Dark Side) :
I'm sure some of you Dark Jedi have figured this out already but for the newbies
or those in need, here's a cool trick: During the final Malak battle, beat up Malak
until he explains how he kills the Jedi in Stasis tubes. You can do the same! How?
If you have either Drain Life or Death Field, beat up Malak until either he runs
away to heal or if you need to heal, cast a Speed power (or just run from Malak
but it helps with a Speed power), target a Jedi with a RED status bar, and cast.
You'll get between 48 and 230 health, depending on what attack you use. This is
one benefit of being a Dark Jedi!

More Force Powers :
This is kind of hard if you are not playing on easy mode.(of course you can always
switch back). When you are on the endar spire you are required to level up. After
that you can level up when ever you feel like it. If you do not level up your
character until after you become a jedi you will gain Jedi levels rather than Scout,
soldier or scoundrel. This means you will become a more powerful Jedi before you
even get off of Dantoine! By level 20 you will have more force/Jedi powers and

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