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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Put in the following passwords. Tiger will say "Oh Yeah" when a code is entered
correctly. Note: These passwords are case sensitive.

THEKITCHENSINK = All Courses and Golfers
ALLTHETRACKS = all courses
4REDSHIRTS = Sunday Tiger
ACEINTHEHOLE = Ace andrews
DISCOKING = Dominic "The Don" Donatello
SHORTGAME = Solita Lopez
DWILBY = Hamish "Mulligan" MeGregor
EMERALDCHAMP = Takeharu "Tsunami" Moto
THENEWLEFTY = "Yosh" Tanigawa
CEDDYBEAR = Cedric The Entertainer
DTBROWN = Downtown brown
EDDIE = Edwin "Pops" Masterson
ERUPTION = Moa "Big Mo" Ta'a Vatu
ICYONE = Erica Ice
SHERWOOD TARGET = Open sherwood targets 3 holes
TRAVELER = Natalie Gulbis

Purple Hair
First you go to gameface mode and then when your done creating yourself go to
the PRO SHOP and you'll see Purple Hair in a category. Then buy it for about i
think $250.00 then you'll have purple hair for your man/women.

Missing a Real Time Event?
This is more of a helpful hint, rather than a code. If you miss a Real Time Event,
no worries, simply set the date on your system configuration menu to the date you
missed and voila...you can now play that event! Subsequently, if you want to fast
forward to a certain date, that works too. When all is said and done, remember to
set your clock back to the correct date.

More Money
Have saved data from a previous PGA Tour game (2002, 2003) and you will start
off with more money to spend. This also works if you have saved data from any
other EA game (Def Jam Vendetta, ECT)

Pace of play
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 revolves around making money. All games modes
you play (with the exception of Practice) earn you cash, and at the completion of
every round you will be rounded back to the pro shop. If your not sure where to
start try out the World Tour. The difficulty ramps as you play through, but with
increase difficulty comes increased purses. For the hardcore golf enthusiasts try
out the PGA Tour Season Mode. Although this mode takes a bit longer to progress,
it is also worth the most money. It is also worthwhile to mention that the more you
win the more difficult the events become.

Extra Holes
Enter "sherwood target" (case sensitive without quotes) in the password section
and it will give you a special 3-hole tiger scenario mode at Sherwood Country Club.

Clown woods
This cheat is cool just type clownster in the cheat box and watch him be a clown.

Sahalee CC: Bigfoot sighting:
Directly behind the 17th green at Sahalee CC are two yellow bushes. Behind the
left bush there is a Bigfoot looking out from behind a tree.

Easy money:
Create a course and make all of the holes Black Rock Cove hole number 17 (the
par 3). Then, play a skins game against Tiger on that course. He cannot make it
up the hill onto the green. After awhile he will start to concede the hole after his
first shot. Every once in awhile he will get a lucky bounce and make it on the
green, but this does not happen very often. You can rack up some money and
chase down Tigers 19 hole in ones.

Play a regular traditional stroke play game with yourself and the CPU. Have Tiger
as the CPU player and play a created course with Black Rock Cove hole number
17 on every hole. You should win about $30,000 for defeating him, then about
$500,000 should appear when you go to the Pro Shop.

In arcade mode, select "Skillzone". Select "Target" as the game mode and choose
the Players Club course. Select your profile and play as Tiger Woods. You can
earn about $70,000 in a match.

Play in two player mode player on skins. When asked "Do you want to play for a
user profile?", select "Yes", choose the desired profile, and select the same profile
with player two. The money you earn in the skins is the money you get to keep
added together.

The Highlands: Loch Ness Monster sighting:
On the 9th hole, turn to your left and look in the water. Keep watching and after
about two minutes the Loch Ness Monster appears too your right and swims
completely across the screen. You have to wait awhile, but keep watching.

Sahalee CC: Bigfoot sighting:
Directly behind the 17th green at Sahalee CC are two yellow bushes. Behind the
left bush there is a Bigfoot looking out from behind a tree.

At the 12th hole, look to the left of the flag. You will notice that Bigfoot makes an
appearance at this hole as well.

Course for greater success:
Play and complete the World Tour. When you power up, put your points mostly
into "Power", Power Boost", and "Putting". Next complete the scenarios. Power up
as desired. Gold medals bring in $75,000 to $100,000. Silver medals bring in
$50,000 to $75,000. Bronze medals bring in $35,000 to $37,500. If you complete
the above, "Tournaments", "Real-Time Events", and the other options for game
play become easy.

Easy par 5 completion:
Go to create a course and make all the holes par 5s. Keep doing this until you
have completed them all. This saves a lot of time.

Real-time Events:
If you missed a "Real-Time Event" or want to jump ahead to another "RTE",
change the Xbox system date to whatever date the "RTE" is to be played on. Save
the game after you win the event, and you can restore the correct date.

Chasing Tiger Woods ball:
Defeat Tiger Woods on the Target shootout to get the Chasing Tiger Woods ball.

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