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NHL 2004

Easy Goals
Play in any mode on easy or beginner and just as you cross the blue line press the
shoot button and the puck will go in almost always.

Easy Goals
Use the following trick to get an easy goal about 75% of the time. Take the puck
down the ice very fast with your winger (either side works). Stop at the goal line at
the board. Make sure that nobody comes and picks the puck from you. Your center
man will most likely be standing directly in front of the goal. Wait until you have a
clear pass to him then do a one-timer and he will score. You will probably have to
move around a lot to get the open slot, and to keep from getting picked off.

Duplicate a Player!
If you would like to create a duplicate of the same player on the NHL 2004 roster
go to 'My NHL' then go to 'Create Player'. The next thing you have to do is type in
the Players last name and first name, and then it'll say "There is a player in the
database with that name. Would you like to create a player with the same
information?" This works with only the NHL 2004 roster!

Ultimate Dynasty team
To get an awesome team go to rosters in exhibition mode then go to trade and
pick all the players you want. start a new dynasty mode and set rosters to current
and you will have the team you picked!!!

All Out Attack
If you're down by a goal late in the game and the other team has the puck, move
your Offensive Quick Play to В‘All out AttackВ’ and your Defensive Quick Play
to ‘High Pressure’ to put maximum pressure on the opposing team so you can get
the puck back in your possession.

Card Cheats
Start a dynasty and earn points by scoring goals, hitting,assists etc...Then go to
features and buy cards. In some of those cards you will get cheats u can use in
the game. Collect all the cards. The higher the level u play on the more points you

Bonus players:

Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Alien
Ant Farm: Terence Corso, Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, or Tye Zamora. The
game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band

Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Gob:
Theo Gobzinakis, Gabe Metal, Gob Stomper, Tom Whacker, Pat Wolfman, or Craig
Would. The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match
that band member.

Have Ultimate Team Without Stealing Players
All you have to do is go to "my NHL" and create your own team. Pick whichever
players you want to. Now when you go to "Dynasty Mode", substitute your created
team for any other NHL team. Now you have the best team, and all of the
members of your team are still on their original teams at the same time. But
beware, if you created your own player he will still be a free agent at the start of
the dynasty even though he is already on your team.

Bouncing puck:
Go to game settings menu and adjust the "Puck Friction", "Puck Gravity" and every
option you can adjust on that screen that has to do with the puck. Go to a game
and shoot the puck down the ice. If it does not hit the goalie, the puck should be
bouncing all over the place until it runs out of speed.

Getting good players:
In dynasty mode, rack up on draft picks by signing unwanted free agents and
trading them to random teams for draft picks. Doing this also earns you GM
experience points.

Dynasty mode: 2 upgrade points:
Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

Commentators: Deep voice:
Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

Big head mode:
Reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio.

Deep voice option:
Have a saved file from an EA Sports football game on your hard drive to unlock
the commentator deep voice option at the unlockables menu.

Mile Wide Stadium:
Reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio.

Get The Best Rookie Scouting:
Ok, this is how it goes. After you get alot of upgrade points from say winning the
Stanley Cup, save the game. Then, use ALL available points on the Scouting
Coloum. Then go to the Scouting Repot Page page under GM office and look to see
who the best players to draft are. Then don't save the game just go to exit
dynasty and then youl back at the home page. Go back in to Dynasty Mode and
see if you can scratch a deal to get you the first overall pick. Then you can use all
those upgrade points for something else say Medical. Then in the draft you know
who the best player will be. Don't forget: their potental is very important too!
Believe me, it always works.

Dynasty mode: 3 Upgrade Points:
Reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio.

Getting rookies:
In order to get new rookies such as Atlanta's Kari Lehtonen and Detroit's Niklas
Kronwall, look at the European Elite League teams. There are many rookies that
can be found there and can be traded onto their proper teams.

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