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The Sims: Bustin' Out

Cheat gnome:
Pause time, then quickly press L, Black, Right, X, Left. A Sim voice will say
something to confirm correct code entry. A gnome should appear near the house
that your Sim is at. Select it for 10,000 Simoleons.

Extra money:
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Press Start to pause game play at home, then
quickly press L, Black, Right, X, Left. A Sim voice will say something to confirm
correct code entry. Select the cheat gnome then choose the "Give Money" option
to get 10,000 Simoleons. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

To get money quickly, enable the "Cheat gnome" code, then the "Extra money"
code. Hold R to speed up time and keep selecting the "Give Money" option to end
up with 999,999 Simoleons.

All objects unlocked:
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Pause time, then quickly press Black, Up, Y,
Down, R. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry.

All visit locations unlocked:
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Pause time, then quickly press Black, Down, R, L,
Down, Y. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Note: This
code can be entered any time after your Sim wakes up at Mom's House after the
initial "Dream Sequence".

All socials unlocked:
Enable the "Free money" code. Pause time, then quickly press L, R, A, Down,
Black. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry.

Boosting a low budget:
At Mom's house, Mimi's place, or Dudley's trailer, buy things until your budget
drops below $100. Wait about an hour. When the phone rings, answer it. You will
get free money. Repeat this as necessary.

Raise motives:
To help raise motives in later levels, move back to Mom's house. The Artificial
Love will make raising motives easier.

Raise motives:
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Press Start to pause game play at home, then
quickly press R, Left, B, Down, White. A Sim voice will say something to confirm
correct code entry. Select the cheat gnome then choose the "Fix Motives" option to
raise your motives. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

Team picture:
Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Then quickly press R, Black, Down during the
credits. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. A picture of
the developers will appear in the background. Repeat this code to disable its

Raising skills:
While living with Mom, do not run out and get a job after you have completed the
first few goals. Instead, stay around awhile and use that time to build skills. Mom
will nag you, but just select "Okay" and keep doing everything else. Make sure to
keep yourself happy and entertain/talk/joke with Mom to keep your relationship up
to par. When you have your skills where you want them, move out. This will make
things much easier. You will then be able to concentrate on your job and
relationships, rather than skill building.

Notice that when you are at your Mom's house at the beginning, your Sim's energy
and social do not go down, and will remain at the halfway point. Using this, you
can raise your skills faster. First, have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Then, use the
toilet, take a bath, watch television for fun and comfort, then finally work on
whatever skill you want. After repeating this routine before having breakfast,
lunch, or dinner, clean up the plates. Do not call a maid or anything else, as it is a
waste of money. For extra money, do creative skills on your paint set and sell
your paintings when done. This will give you a lot of money when you are done
with your skills. Do all goals except getting a job. Do not sleep or talk to your
mom while doing this. When done with Cooking, Mechanical, Creative, and
Charisma, buy a chess table for Logic. When you are done with those skills, sell
the chess set (whole refund). Then, buy the weight lifting machine for the Body.
When done with all skills, get a job and move out.

Unlock social options:
To unlock most social options, become friends with the Sims. For example, when
you be friends with Randy you will unlock "French Kiss" and with Paisly you could
unlock "Spank Booty". Each Sim has there own social option to unlock when you
become their family friend.

Jock career:
To successfully complete the Jock career, you need to have all Body points, 4
Cooking points, and 5 Charisma points. You will also need six friends. A quick way
to complete this is go to Mom's house and buy something to work your body (for
example, a treadmill, pool, etc.);a bookshelf or something similar to the gourmet
cooking stove; and something for your charisma (for example, a microphone or a
mirror). Do that, then build your skills and move to the different houses so you
can complete a goal and unlock something. You will eventually get to Malcolm's

Skipping work:
In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by moving back into Mom's house. While
you live with Mom, the bus will not arrive, and you do not have to work. This is
useful if things are not going so well and you need some time to "restore" your

In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by changing jobs before the bus arrives.
Later, you can just change back to your old job. This is useful if you are about to
get fired. Note: You will only get fired if you skip work two or three times in a row.

Never work:
In Bustin' Out mode, the people who you live with (who you can control) cannot
get fired. If you want them to stay home, just let them. This can be very useful if
you need them to clean up, or need them to do some other things.

Get a bigger room:
When at Dudley's trailer, go to the master bedroom. Then, sell the door that leads
to the smaller room so that there is just a wall. Next, make a door at the top right
corner so that there is a place you could walk into the smaller room. Then,
decorate both rooms' wallpaper and carpet to be the same and you will have a
bigger room.

Raising a baby:
When you have a baby, do not play with it ever, as it does nothing. If you feed it
then sing, it will stop crying for a couple of hours.

Fishin' For Profit book:
To get the Fishin' For Profit book go to Nikki Nack's store (open from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m.). After you buy it, find O'Phil Mclean. Give it to him and he will give you a job.
Note: You must get the goals from him first. To do this, talk to Salty. Later in the
game, you will be offered by Nikki Nack to buy the Waterfront Villa for 3,000

Throw an art opening:
When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order
for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and
sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you
can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you
access to it.

Dead plants:
When a plant is dead, do not throw it away. You can sell the dead plant for as
much as a new plant costs.

Easy money:
When you go to a house and do not have much money, trade in all the wallpaper
and buy the cheap version. You can get a good amount of money. You can do the
same thing with the tile.

When you move into a house, sell all the wallpaper and tiles. Then, change the
tiles to grass and the wallpaper to nothing.

Instead of working, you can get a workbench from the "Building Skills" section in
buy mode. When your Mechanical skill is at its best, you will get 100 Simoleons for
each gnome you make. It only takes about five seconds to make each gnome, and
you can make about thirteen gnomes at once. Note: Your Sim will only make
gnomes when in a good mood.

To get lots of money, enter buy mode and sell the paintings. Some of them are
worth a couple thousand Simoleons.

Mindless Fun
If one of your Sims is in a bad mood and you want to quickly get his or her mood
back into the good zone without constantly overseeing it, make a small room with
windows and a door into the house (this door is to be torn down later).

Then add a microwave, counter, fridge, a three seater sofa (so the Sim can sleep
on it), a TV, lights, a toilet, a table, chairs and anything else if you want to. This
will supply everything your sim will need.

Get the Sim to enter the room and go remove the door. Make the Sim test
everything out and it will not go out the room (while its happiness increases).
Connect the room back to the main house when the Sim has gotten more happier.

Everything unlocked:
Pause the game, then press: B, X, X, A, B, X, B, X.

A fun way to "torture" a sim:
First you have to buy the INCUBATER and you have to make mutant plants, at
least 4 plants. After you make the plants, feed and water them until they become
big plants. Then invite the sim you want to "torture" over the phone. When the sim
comes wait until the sim ring the doorbell. after it rings go into buy\build mode and
put the 4 plants at each side of the sim.(make sure you don't feed the plant or
water it in order for this to work). Put the plants in the pattern of a cross. After this
watch the sim get "tortured".

Having a new baby:
If a social worker takes your baby, just kiss your wife or husband and it should
say: "Do you want to have a baby?". Note: Your wife or husband has to be 100% if
you want a new baby.

Hint: Have a ghost for a maid
All you have to do is buy the "incubater"(skill building)and make at least four
mutants. Then feed and water the mutants until they become bigger. when they do
hire a maid if you don't have a maid. When your maid comes, do not feed the
plants. Wait at least two days. Then on the third day wait until your maid comes.
When she comes go into buy\build mode and surrond the maid with the four
mutants and wait until they eat her whole. If this happens during the day buy a
seance table(miscellanous)and wait until nightfall. At night highlight the seance
table and select "contact spirits". Wait until you see the maid come out of the
table. After that she'll work for you even if she's a ghost.

Blue Gnome: - While playing press R, L, DOWN, BLACK, LEFT, B and a gnome
should appear on the property. Answering the phone with a Sim will usually result
in free money.

Money Grows On Trees: - Activate the Blue Gnome cheat then pause the game
while your Sim is at his/her home. Enter L, BLACK, RIGHT, X, LEFT and the gnome
should now have an option to add $10,000 to your Sim's account.

Two player mode:
Go into freeplay mode (if there are two or more people in the house) or into the
levels. Have the second player press Start and a bus appear if you are in the
levels; or the second player will become one of the family members in freeplay
mode. Note: In freeplay mode you need at least two Sims in the house to make
this work.

Never sleep:
Enable the "Cheat Gnome" and "Raise motives" codes. Select the Cheat Gnome
and choose the "Fill all motives" cheat. Repeat as needed. You will then never
actually "have" to sleep.

Catch a robber:
Enable the "All objects unlocked" code. Buy a motion sensor alarm and place at
your front door on the wall. If you have a backdoor, do same thing there. This
security costs only 300 Simoleons, instead of buying walls at the corner of your
street and putting burglar alarms there.

Get rid of annoying Mom:
At the beginning of Busting' Out mode, you will start out living with Mom. She will
keep talking and say things like "What did I do to deserve this?" or "When are you
going to find a job?" She will keep saying things and will not allow you to play
without interruptions. To avoid this, Enable the "All socials unlocked" code, then
take your Mom to the back of her house. Hypnotize her, walk away, then put a
wall around her. That will take care of her. However, when you move out she will
wake up. You must take her somewhere quiet so that if you make noise with a
radio or television she will not wake up.

Get a bigger room:
When at Dudley's trailer, go to the master bedroom. Then, sell the door that leads
to the smaller room so that there is just a wall. Next, make a door at the top right
corner so that there is a place you could walk into the smaller room. Then,
decorate both rooms' wallpaper and carpet to be the same and you will have a
bigger room.

Getting married:
Make a meal, then call your potential mate over. Sit down and eat with them.
When you are done, let him or her use the bathroom. While they are doing that,
watch TV then have him or her join you. When they get up, propose.

Eat dinner with someone. They will use the bathroom. While they are in there,
watch television. When they leave, highlight them and the "Propose" option should
appear. You can also have a baby with this person by getting the Love Tub. Mimi
or Dudley are the best choices, because they will pay all the bills.

Use the following trick to never have to fix a broken Aromaster. Save the game
before you turn it on. If it breaks, quit the game without saving and resume from
your saved game. Instead of turning it on again, sell it then buy it again.

Anti-War Protesters:
While living at the Pentagon, you must stop the protesters. Go to Club Rubb and
wait until Mona or Bing call and invite everyone to the party. After Mona or Bing
says, "Let's get this party started. We need to raise funds for the antiwar fund",
attack either Mona or Bing. This should unlock the Toy Parrot.

Contaminating sports at Shiny Things Labs:
To find out where contaminating spores are coming from when living at Shiny
Things Labs, visit the Goth Manor and steal a fern. This will unlock the Giant Fern.

Daydream Sequence:
At the beginning of the game, you will be standing in a place where people are
dancing and music is playing. All of a sudden, a puff of smoke will appear. A Sim
of the opposite sex will appear from the smoke. A message will appear, stating
something about kissing the Sim that just appeared on the cheek. The Sim you are
supposed to kiss will whistle at you, trying to get you to kiss him or her. Your Sim
does not kiss the other Sim automatically. If you do not want to kiss the Sim,
press R to speed up time. More messages will appear about kissing the sim or
stating that the daydream will be over soon. After a few quick minutes in the
game, another puff of smoke appears. This time, your mom appears from the
smoke. She will ask you to stop daydreaming and say that Malcolm is taking your
scooter. After that happens, the daydream ends and you begin the game. Also,
during the "Daydream Sequence" if you do not want to be near the Sim you have
to kiss, move away by using the "Go Here" queue. However, when you move, the
other Sim will just follow you. Note: When you are in the "Daydream Sequence",
you cannot interact with anything. The only thing you can interact with is the Sim
you must kiss.

Eliminating Senator Landgrabb:
To eliminate Malcolm, you invite him over while you are raising a child. Keep him
around until your baby cries.

Buy a wall or fence and trap him until he gives up.

Finding the Goth's fern:
In order to get the Goth's fern back, you must be living in the Goth's house. Then,
visit Dudley's house. When you go to the very back of his house you will see and
old broken down car, and a fern that is close to it. Select the fern and choose
the "Steal Fern" option. A window will appear, and Dudley will tell you that he was
just borrowing the fern. Go back to the Goth's house and a window will appear,
with Bella saying something about how it figures that it was Dudley who took the

Finding the Sci-Fi script:
Go to the Shiny Things lab and talk to the brain in the jar.

Finding a neighbor with candelabras:
To find the candelabras, enable all the social options. Do Romantic Kiss on
Mortimer if your Sim is female or your wife if your Sim is male.

Framing Malcolm at Pixel Acres:
You first need to unlock the Synthesizer and the Pixel Booty Song. Then, move
into Pixel Acres. Buy a Synthesizer, make food, throw a party, and invite Malcolm
over. Then, play the Pixel Booty Song on the Synthesizer. A cop should appear
from the bushes and arrest Malcolm.

Getting the Pixel Booty Song:
Go to Goth Manor and play the synthesizer. You accomplish two goals, which
are "Find out the Ghost problem" and "Getting the Pixel Booty Song".

Score a red pool table:
When you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, visit Club Rubb and play pool with Bing. This
will unlock the pool table.

Find and shut down the hackers:
At The Octagon, visit the Shiny Things Lab and select the first computer at the
front of the lab. Select "Steal Computer" and it will confirm that the mission is

Find and destroy bio-weapons:
While living at the Octagon, visit Goth Manor and select the incubator. Then,
choose "Destroy Bio-Weapons".

Find someone interested in Chase's secret formula:
While living at Pixel Acres, visit Shiny Things Lab and use the "Tell Secrets"
interaction on Makino or Vaughn.

Making sure Mimi's OK:
Go to Mimi's house. She will tell you that she has made a mess around the house
and for you to clean up. Then she will tell you a secret. Once you have picked up
all the mess you should be rewarded with a car.

Get through Dudley's party:
When you are staying at the gym your roommates will want you to go over
Dudley's Trailer to party. Move out of the gym and move in with Dudley. While you
are there, serve breakfast/lunch/dinner and have Dudley order pizza. Then, move
out of his house and back into the gym. When you visit Dudley's Trailer, food will
be already laid out on the table. Before you move out of Dudley's Trailer, buy a
bigger table and lots of chairs to seat the guests. Then when you visit Dudley's
Trailer for the party, eat and talk to at least five party guests to make your
relationship with them above five points. If this does not work, talk to more guest
or see if your relationship went down by some points.

Get through the Rocket Gnome party:
At Shiny Things Lab, you will need all Mechanical skills. Then, make five Rocket
Gnomes. Put them all outside then launch all five.

Throw the ultimate DJ dance party:
All you need is the dance floor. Have one person spin on the DJ Booth and another
person dance on the floor. Then, have that person ask everyone, but the person
who is spinning, to join in the dancing. It will take about fifteen minutes in Sim
time. You will unlock the Q3 Recliner.

To throw the ultimate DJ dance Party at Club Rubb, select the phone and go all the
way to the bottom to "Throw Party". When your guests arrive, in about thirty
seconds, one of the Sims will say something. After that, choose the DJ Booth
and "Spin". Then the Sim who said something before will say, "Club Rubb is Da
Booommmmbbbbbb!". It will confirm that the goal is complete.

Find out what is going on at Toane's Gym:
When you are at Tinsel Bluffs you must complete this goal. Go to Toane's Gym and
do three triple back flips on the diving board. You will unlock the Wicked Breeze
Outdoor Shower.

Muscle the Muscle at the Gym:
While you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, go to Toane's gym and attack someone.

Seduce someone at Casa Caliente:
When living at Pixel Acres, visit Casa Caliente and select the love rug "Relax".
Then make a Sim of the opposite sex join. Talk for awhile on the rug, and you will
soon kiss. Note: You need to like the person 100% or else it will not work.

Show off some Club Rubb moves at Studio 8:
Enable the "Raise motives" code, then go to the car and select "Visit". Then,
select "Studio 8". When you are at Studio 8 go to someone and
select "Breakdance". If this is not unlocked, then use the "All socials unlocked"
code. You will then get awarded the light. This will work regardless of whether they
turn their back and do not like you.

Change minds at Studio 8:
When you have to go to Studio 8 to change their minds about scientist, go to Artie
and hypnotize him. The mission will now be complete.

Solve the ghost problem at Goth Manor:
You must be living at Pixel Acres. Then, go to Goth Manor and play the
TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer. Once you do this, your goal is now complete.
Also when you do this, you will get the Pixel Booty Song.

Stop protesters at The Octagon:
Go to Club Rubb and attack Mona or Bing. This will unlock the Parrot.

Throw an art opening:
When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order
for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and
sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you
can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you
access to it.

Bring all the art and sculptures from out back into the studio. Arrange them
however desired, then buy a cooler in buy mode (miscellaneous). Go to phone and
throw a party.

A very easy way to make the art opening successful at "Studio 8" is to delete one
section (square) of the wall that separates the art room from the kitchen. You will
even made a few Simoleons in the process.

In order to throw an art opening in Studio 8 you need to let Charity sculpt either
before or during the party.

Enable the "All objects" code. Buy a dance floor and put a stereo by it. Then, buy a
sculpting block and put it in the art room. Next, have your Sims throw a party. This
should be an easy and successful way to throw an art opening.

Help with outsider art:
This is a Casa Caliente mission. Just go to Studio 8 and use the easel to paint a

Mission Classified: Eliminate Senator Landgrabb:
First, you need to be at The Octagon. Make sure you have the Miss Gyrotic
(obtained after you unlock it at the skill building menu at the buy/build menu). Go
to the phone and call Malcolm over. Once he is there, go to the Miss Gyrotic and
program it for defense. The robot will appear and go after Malcolm.

Dead plants:
When a plant is dead, do not throw it away. You can sell the dead plant for as
much as a new plant costs.

Plants in house:
If you want plants in your house, keep the wall open in build mode and put the
plants in. Then, close up the wall.

Hot tub in house:
Delete one wall in your room then put in a hot tub. Then, close up the wall.

Kinetic Gnome and Flamingo limit:
When your Creativity bar has reached its peak, use the workbench with the tank
on it to build Kinetic Gnome and Flamingos. However, after you have built a certain
amount, you will not be able to select it again. Either sell or launch them to build

On bust out mode, in moms house go into buy/build mode. You can ether take the
doors away fom the room moms in or build around her. She will soon say "what
did i do to deserve this".

Completing all goals:
If you want to complete all the goals (the goals besides getting promoted to) do
not fill up all your stats(Body, Cooking, etc.) at the start. This is because you will
go through the levels very quickly and will not have time to do the other goals.
Instead, at the start just fill Body, because your energy only goes halfway down;
and Creative, so you can throw a great party.

Fun rating:
To always have a good Fun rating, buy the Aromaster and place it in your Sims
bedroom. Each time your Sim goes to bed, turn it onto the second
selection, "Lavendar & Marjoram". This will boost your Fun meter while your Sim
sleeps. You need to have at least 150 Simoleans in order to run the Aromaster.
Also, if you get robbed, the Aromaster will be one of the first things stolen; have a
burglar alarm in place.

Keeping friends:
Get married when possible, then instead of getting the friends you need to get a
promotion with your Sim, get the friends with the Sim you are married to. The
relationship that the Sim you are married to has with other Sims never decreases.
You can get friends and not have to worry about keeping them.

Career for completing the game faster:
To complete the game much faster and easier, start it with the Mad Scientist
career. Work on your Mechanical and some Body skills, then after completing that
career, get a new job in the Counter Culture career. Work on your Cooking and
Charisma skills. While doing these careers, you can stock up on the "important"
skills. For example, you must work on your Mechanical and some body Skills in the
Mad Scientist career so you can get full bars for those, full bars of Cooking for the
Counter Culture career, and Charisma for both.

Alien abduction:
Buy the telescope and use it until you get two skill points. Your Sim will be
abducted and disappear. It will reappear some hours later, with different stats.

Easy house improvements:
When you are trying to improve a house, upgrade everything to the highest
possible level. If you run out of money, move out (they will repay you), then move
back in. This will upgrade the house so that your Sim can live comfortably and you
will not lose any money.

Mirror reaction:
When creating your Sim in a new game (Bustin' Out mode) or creating a family
(Free Play mode), rotate your Sim until he or she is facing directly at the mirror
behind them. Once done, your Sim (if a male) will bend down to the mirror, take
his hand, and rub his chin smiling. If it is a female, she will turn her body sideways
and look at herself in the mirror.

Changing personality when creating your Sim:
When your changing your Sims personality, they will give you a little
demonstration of how they would react to other Sims. For example, if you change
their personality of a girl Sim and you select "Active", she will jump and dance as
Mimi does on a "Bounce My Booty Dance Floor" at a party.

Get promoted much quicker:
Okay, first, you need to make a sim with a load of cash. We're talking RICH. Also,
two players.

Next, move the sim home, so he/she won't need to work. Next, build a completely
new room, walls and all, and add the best of everything you need:

Beds, Refrigerators, Skill Builders, and above all, things that give you atmoshpere!

Get the atmosphere to a 10 rating, and move a new, poor sim into the building.
He/she won't need to work, and can work on his/her skills in a great mood (the
atmoshpere is needed to put your sim into a good mood).

Now, once you feel satisfied with his/her skills, you can get him any job he/she
wants, and get promoted quickly.

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