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Ninja Gaiden

Alternate costume:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficult setting. Then, hold L
while selecting the "New Game" option at the opening menu.

Successfully complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting
to unlock yet another costume.

Keep the Original Blue Ninja Costume
Hilight New Game and Hold down Left Triger and Right Triger and Press the A
Button you will hear a scream and thats it you will keep the Original Blue Ninja

Plasma Saber:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficult setting. A new sword
called the Plasma Saber (which resembles a lightsaber from Star Wars) will now
be unlocked.

Plasma Saber Mk.2:
Complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting.

Dabilahro Sword:
Give 20 Scarabs to Muramasa. Note: In successive mode you do not get it again
until you give 43 Scarabs to Muramasa.

Unlabored Flawlessness:
Upgrade the wooden sword completely to receive its true form, the Unlabored
Flawlessness. It is a large weapon which you swing like the war hammer and
Dabilahro, and has a very powerful Ki attack. This weapon makes Boss fights easy.

Skip FMV sequences:
Press Start, A, Start to advance past an FMV sequence. Note: This does not work
all of the time.

All FMV sequences:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings to
unlock all FMV sequences.

Very hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings to
unlock the very hard difficulty setting.

In-game reset:
Press Start + Back during game play to return to the main menu.

Special attack:
Press Y + B to unleash a super attack that will seriously hurt anyone.

Unlock Classic Ninja Gaiden mini-game:
Give 50 scarabs to Maramusa.

Unlock Classic Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword Of Chaos mini-game:
Get a "Master Ninja" rank in all levels under the normal difficulty setting

Alternately, first unlock Ninja Gaiden. Then go to the Clock Tower Plaza of Tairon.
Get on the ledge above the multicolored door that leads to Pleasure Street (where
you flip the switch to unlock that door). Aim your bow at the clock tower across the
street. Shoot the face of the clock and a treasure chest will appear on the building
that is across the street. Jump down, and enter the doorway across the street with
the stairs. Climb to the top, and open the chest to unlock the Ninja Gaiden 2 disc.

Classic Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship Of Doom mini game:
Get a "Master Ninja" rank in all levels under the hard or very hard difficulty

Alternately, first unlock Ninja Gaiden 2. Go to the Peristyle Passage (the
ceremonial room in the Aqueducts, just before the Boss fight with the giant fossil
bird). It is next to the Hall of Balance. Triangle Jump back up to the top of the
broken pillar where a Scarab was previously hidden. You will now find the disc for
Ninja Gaiden 3 at that location.

Playing classic games easier:
Instead of going to the first floor of Han's Bar, use the following trick to start the
games from the main menu. Successfully complete the main game while any
classic Ninja Gaiden disc is in Ryu's inventory. This will unlock another main menu
option that will allow you to play the classic games from there, without going to
Han's Bar.

Special attack:
Press Y + B to unleash a super attack that will seriously hurt anyone.
Information in this section was contributed by Blankman20019124.

Kill enemies quickly:
To kill an enemy very fast, jump towards them fairly close using A, then quickly
tap Y immediately before you hit them. You should either throw them with the
guillotine throw or slice their heads off. If they keep trying to get off the ground,
tap Y again to pin them down or cut their head off. This is useful when you need
some extra money, are almost dead, or when you just simply want to get through
the section quickly because of frustration.

Finishing kill:
While a foe is on the ground, walk up to it and press Y. This will instantly kill
almost any foe.

Defeating Zombies:
Use the diving Y attack that takes off their head. It will not kill them, but they will
be blind.

When facing the zombies under the cathedral and one of them happen to lunge at
you and starts biting, press X + A as quickly as possible to kick it off and reduce
the amount of damage that you receive.

Defeating Alma:
To defeat Alma (red greater fiend), equip the Vigorian Flails. It is recommended
that they be completely leveled up. With the Vigorian Flail, you can still hurt Alma
greatly even when she is in the air. Note: The shuriken, incendiary shuriken, and
bow cannot hurt her; they just bounce off.

Defeating Black Spider Ninjas:
Jump off the wall and use the X attack to smash down on top off them. Use this
repeatedly, but be careful of the incendiary shurikens that they throw.

Unlock safe in monk's room:
To unlock the safe in the monk's room for the first time you need to enter this
combination: press Analog-Stick Left until you reach "2", then press X. Press
Analog-stick Right until "7", then press X. Press Analog-stick Right until "1", then
press X. Press Analog-stick Left until "2", then press X. If done correctly, each
time you press X a blue light should turn on, until you see four blue lights and the
elevator to the underground cemetery opens. The combination is the Monk's
birthday as he states in the diary (27th day on the 12th month). You can now get
the Book Of The Eons from the safe.

More Essence:
Killing a foe without using Y will give you five times more Essence.

In Chapters 6 and 7, you will encounter the skeleton dino Boss. After you defeat
him, climb down towards the new opening he made in the floor, but stop at the
save location. Turn around with your Nunchakun and jump up to the bats. Once
you reach them, kill no more than two to four bats and charge your super attack
taking in two Essence Orbs. Then, unleash the attack and gather up to 2,000
Essence each time. To replenish the bats, jump back to the save point and repeat.
The bats will not hurt you enough to kill, and will randomly give you health. Once
you gather all the Essence desired, you can whatever desired. The maximum
amount of Essence that can be held is 99,999.

The "Easy Essence" trick that can be done on Chapters 6 and 7 also works on
Chapter 10. Go to the room in which you come down the ladder at the start of the
level. It is also the room that leads into the first aqueduct.

Longer wall running:
When you are about to fall from wall running too far, jump forward towards the
wall again. You will start to wall run again.

Obtaining rewards:
Talk to the shopkeeper every time you see him. This is when he will collect your
Golden Scarabs. He will give you rewards after every several scarabs.

Run on Water
Anywhere there is water, simply walk Ryu onto the water and then repeatedly tap
the A button to run across the water.

Easy Cash
I did this at the Clocktower in Tairon, but I'm sure it should work at any store.
Simply go up the set of stairs marked by the blue border, and take care of the
three enemies in the stairway. Now, go back down the stairs and return back up to
kill the same three guys again. Collect the loot or health and repeat as desired! I
found that if you use the Nunchaku, you can score around 30 or 40 hit combos,
giving you up to 1,000 cash points at a time!

Item locations:

Lives Of 1000 Gods

Chapter 1
1. Ninja Fortress

Chapter 4
2. Area of Tairon near Lily Door (hang from blue rail, then cross on blue wire)
3. After defeating Chapter 6 Boss

Chapter 7
4. Kill 60 Fiends in the area where you got the Holy Grail (before flooding)
5. After defeating Suspension Bridge room Boss

Chapter 10
6. Kill 60 Fiends in the Peristyle Passage (Hall of Balance 1)

Chapter 12
7. Kill 60 Fiends in the area that you fought Doku (platform puzzle)
8. Kill 60 Fiends at the bottom of stairway to Imperial Palace (long stairway)
9. After defeating Flame Dragon Boss

Chapter 13
10. Tairon - after portal activation (go into portal near Great Bridge)- kill 60 fiends

Life Of The Gods

Chapter 2
1. Broken bridge (just before Hayabusa village, water jump to get across)
2. Hayabusa Village (place statue head on statue)

Chapter 3
3. Main Deck (small room)
4. Fore Cabin

Chapter 4
5. Flip over blue rail (next to note Ayane gives you about paying attention to the
color blue)
6. 1, 2, or 3 Scarabs

Chapter 6
7. Monastery Annex
8. Underground Cemetery (upper area)

Chapter 7
9. Suspension bridge room
10. Monk's safe (second time)

Chapter 9
11. Military Warehouse (break box on floor)
12. Military Base (bottom of stairs in control room)
13. In chest after train wreck

Chapter 10
14. Hall of Balance 2 (in chest)
15. In worm hole after defeating two worms
16. Entrance to Underground Sanctuary (wall run across door)

Chapter 11
17. Moat of Zarkhan (next to save point)
18. Moat of Zarkhan (underwater labrynth, right before silver medallion)

Chapter 12
19. Room you fought Doku (upper level)
20. Room you fought Doku (upper level)
21. Break statue head with hammer
22. Underwater near Zarkhan Falls
23. Magma Cavern (Path of the Flame)

Chapter 13
24. After defeating Flame Dragon (Magma Cavern)
25. In chest after breaking door near Great Bridge (wall run)
26. Pyramid (in chest)

Chapter 14
27. Labrynth

Jewel Of The Demon Seal
Chapter 7
1. Suspension Bridge Room (throne)

Chapter 10
2. Aqueduct 3 (take elevator down)

Chapter 11
3. Monks safe (third time)

Chapter 12
4. Ice Cavern (after defeating ice beast)

Chapter 13
5. Hayabusa Village (break door with hammer)
6. Pyramid (light altar with Fire Ninpo)

Chapter 2
1. Bow (Hayabusa village, same room as Masamura's shop icon)

Chapter 4
2. Nunchaku (found on dead ninja near clock tower)
3. Windmill Shuriken (alley near Han's Bar)

Chapter 6
4. Vigaroon Flail (Underground Cemetery; near Ritual Room)

Chapter 8
5. War Hammer (go back into Monastery after defeating Alma)
6. Strongbow (across from Military Gate, get there with Skull key)

Chapter 9
7. Dabilahro (received after 20 Scarabs)

Chapter 11
8. Speargun (on dead ninja near Masamura's shop icon)

Chapter 12
9. Kitetsu (pick up after defeating Doku)

Ninja Gaiden I Passwords

Act I: L, X, A, Y, A, X
Act II: A, X, X, R, Y, A
Act III: X, Y, B, R, L, X
Act IV: B, R, A, B, Y, Y
Act V: X, A, Y, X, L, L
Act VI: R, Y, R, L, A, X

Ninja Gaiden II Passwords

Act I: A, A, B, X, Y, R
Act II: X, L, R, B, B, A
Act III: L, Y, B, A, R, R
Act IV: A, L, X, Y, Y, B
Act V: R, A, A, B, X, L
Act VI: Y, L, R, A, Y, R
Act VII: B, B, X, Y, A, L

Ninja Gaiden III Passwords

Act I: B, Y, R, L, X, A
Act II: A, R, R, Y, A, L
Act III: L, B, R, Y, L, Y
Act IV: R, R, B, A, Y, X
Act V: Y, A, B, X, R, X
Act VI: B, X, X, A, X, Y
Act VII: X, R, X, Y, Y, L

Breathe Underwater:

Approach a large body of water and just as you hit it tap A to run on the water.
Keep running until you hit a wall and start sinking slowly. Eventually you will hit the
bottom and if you keep running you will be able to breathe underwater.

How to beat 2nd boss:

To beat the second boss you need the art of the inferno. Your just run up to him
and jump and press y to stab down at him and keep repeating the Art of Inferno.
The Art of Inferno should be equipped if not equipped, or it could equip
automatically. Now you have to chop him up a little bit more until you beat him.

Easy Boss #1:

The first boss you come to which is murai. You can't really attack head on. So go
to one of the walls and face the wall and wait for murai to get close. Then do a wall
run straight up the wall bye pressing A and then holding up on the anlog stick.
Once you are above his head press A to jump off the and right after jumping off
press X to deliver an attack to murai. Then as soon you reach the ground roll
away. This won't always hit murai he'll dodge it sometimes. But the attack will hit
about 70% of the time. Just keep repeating this process for an easy win.

Easy Ninja Gaiden 2/3 Trilogy Games:

After getting access to Ninja Gaiden, play the game on very hard. When on
Chapter 4 and you're in the Clock Tower Plaza you will see a door with a pink
jewled eye. Above it will be a platform with a chest. Make you way up to the chest.
Once there turn around and you should see the Clock Tower. Shoot the face of the
clock with your arrows and another chest should appear next to you. Open to find
(Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos). Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of
Doom is in Chapter 10. Once you enter the Hall of Balance. Enter the door (not the
one behind the waterfall) and when you get into the room run to the right and
inbetween the two podeums do a Flying Bird Flip to reach the top. There you will
find Ninja Gaiden 3 rather than the previous Scarab that was there. Whoever said
you had to get Master Ninja in every level should have wished they known this !

Dark Dragon Blade:

Start a new game with an already completed save file. Visit Muramasa's shop in
Chapter 13 to find the blade.

Skip Cut-Scenes:
You can skip most of the cut-scenes in Ninja Gaiden by pressing START, A, START.

Skip escaping the mountain
In the last chapter, if you've already been through escaping once, and been
defeated by Dark Murai, go pick up the Dark Dragon Blade, and at the beginning
of the FMV, press START, A, START to skip it. Instead of having to escape the
caves again, you'll go straight to the fight with Dark Murai.

Unlockable: Evil Ryu
Complete the game on Very Hard.

Unlockable: Futuristic Outfit
Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty and start a new game while
holding L.

Unlockable: Movie Gallery
Beat the game on Normal or Hard to unlock all CG movies.

Unlockable: Music in Sound Test
Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Bat cash 2:
Found another spot that you can do the bat cash trick. In chapter 12 there's an
entrance to a bat cave that is hidden by a waterfall and on the other side of pool of
water. To get to the cave look for three large stone heads and there's a save point
to the left of the stone heads. Follow the stone heads to the pool of water and you
will see the waterfall that is hiddening the entrance to the bat cave. Go through the
waterfall and you be in a short tunnel and at the end is the bat cave. Jump down to
the bat cave floor. Then start doing the bat cash by having your normal shuriken
equiped. Kill two bats with the shuriken. And then press and hold the Y button to
asorb the two yellow essence into ryu's sword. After you have asorbed the two
essence into ryu's sword release the Y button to deliver ryu's ultimate attack. This
results into each bat leaving a huge yellow essence gather them. This time around
you do the trick probably 3 or 4 times before exiting the cave since this cave has a
lot more bats in it. To exit do a wall run where you see the hole. Once back in the
tunnel go to the waterfall and then turn around at the waterfall and head back to
the cave and it will be filled with backs once more. And repeat this trick for about
an hour and you will have the max cash the ryu can carry which is 99,999.

Bat cash:
This is pretty simple. In chapter 6 once you get under the monastery. There's cave
that has a very large number of bats in. Now the first time you are in the cave
there these wierd red flying mutants. But after you beat the skeletal dragon. you'll
see him in a frozen state. Anyways after you beat him. That cave becomes full of
bats. Have your normal shuriken equiped. Kill two bats with the shuriken. And then
press and hold the Y button to asorb the two yellow essence into ryu sword. After
you have asorbed the two essence into ryu's sword release the Y button to deliver
ryu's ultimate attack. This results into each bat leaving a huge yellow essence
gather them. Leave the cave then enter the cave again. Then this trick all again.
Keep repeating this trick for about an hour and your will reach the max cash ryu
can carry witch is 99,999.

Golden Scabbard:
After you defeat the first Thunder Worm, walk in his hole, turn around, and wall
run up the wall. You should flip up and get a Golden Scabbard.

Healing Bracelet:
Give 40 Scarabs to the shopkeeper for a healing bracelet that will slowly replenish
your health. If you donot care about time, you can just stand in a no enemy area
and just heal away.

Kitetsu Sword:
After defeating the Armored Doku (the first time you fight Doku), he drops his
sword. Before you leave the room, make sure to get his sword, the Kitetsu. This
sword has moves different from the Dragon Sword, and it can also drain an
enemy's life and restore yours by a small amount with this combo: X(2), Right, X
(8), Y . Also, the basic Y tap attack throws the sword similarly to how Doku threw it
at you during the fight. The only drawback to this weapon is that when equipped,
your life will slowly deplete. if you equip the Armlet Of Tranquillity, this will not
happen because it restores your life at the same rate the Kitetsu drains it.

Life Of The Gods:
Give one Scarab to Muramasa.

When you reach the broken bridge in Hayabusa Village, there is a chest behind
some debris. To reach this, rapidly press A when you touch the water, and you will
walk on it. You will be rewarded with a Life Of The Gods.

In level 8, Near Great Bridge Square go through the blue cracked concrete wall by
using the War Hammer. Run along the walls to get to the windows.

Sprit of the Devils:
Give 10 Scarabs to Muramasa.

Unlabored Flawlessness:
Upgrade the wooden sword completely to receive its true form, the Unlabored
Flawlessness. It is a large weapon which you swing like the war hammer and
Dabilahro, and has a very powerful Ki attack. This weapon makes Boss fights easy.

War Hammer:
After defeating the flying female Boss that breaks through the stained glass,
immediately when you start the next level run back into the doors. Go past all the
debris and you can find the War Hammer in the area where you fought the Boss.

Windmill Shuruken:
Go to Han's bar but do not go in the front of the club. There is an alley that has
blue striped walls. Run on these blue stripes and it should lead you to a platform
with an silver Xbox that replenishes your health and a metal plate that holds the
Windmill Shuruken.

Obtaining rewards:
Talk to the shopkeeper every time you see him. This is when he will collect your
Golden Scarabs. He will give you rewards after every several Scarabs.

Easy Scarabs:
After you defeat Marai, talk to him. He will show you a few moves. After that, get
out of there. When you first fight the new troops, kill two, charge up, and take two
of the Essence to do a powerful move. Then when you are at the village, go to the
shop and buy a lot of items until you cannot buy anything further. The man will
give you 50 Scarabs.

More items:
Do not pass up the dead ninjas that are lying around. They have items on them.

Armlet Of Benediction:
Give 15 Scarabs to Muramasa.

Armlet Of Fortune:
Give 30 Scarabs to Muramasa.

Armlet Of Tranquillity:
Give 40 Scarabs to Muramasa.

Skip to Final Boss on level 16:
On level 16, get to the boss, and lose to him. Now, continue, and get to the Dark
Dragon Blade. During the cutscene when you get it, press start, and the cutscene
where you go to the final boss will play.

Special Shurikan:
To the left of Han's Bar there is an alleyway and when you walk towards it Ayane
will throw a note which reads something like "i have hidden a special weapon down
a alley where only a ninja can reach", if you look up you will see the blue stripes,
do a continuous wall run around the corner and jump onto the ledge (might take a
couple of tries) you will find a weird xbox type of machine that will heal you and
your nimpo completley, also there is a 4 bladed shurikan that when thrown returns
like a boomerang.

Boss number 2 made easy:
This way is much easier then using nimpo, he might look tough but he is owned by
the bow, make sure that you have the bow in your inventory (kindly donated by a
dead ninja)and the max of 15 arrows ( pick these up from the dead ninja in the
clearing where you fight the three samurai warriors ) when you confront him pump
him with all 15 arrows and this will take most of his life then just go for the kill, N.B
if you find yourself short of life then just kill his little floaty friends to get blue

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