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All-Star Baseball 2005

Funny Commentary
When you play against the computer and you're pitching, leave the controller
alone and let the pitcher stand there for a couple of minutes and the
commentaters will start making fun of you, and other things. This works with 2
players also, you just leave both of the controllers alone

When you’re pitching, put down the controller for awhile and the announcers will
begin saying some funny things about the game.

Homerun Gesture:
When you hit a home run and your player is running towards home play, press L
or R and your player will gesture towards the crowd.

Dominating team:
If you have a franchise on this game, go to the main menu of franchise mode.
Once there, go down to "GM Office", then go to "Roster Management".
Select "Player Editor" and use the Left Analog-stick to move left or right to find
your franchise team. After finding your team, the game will show a list of all the
players on it. Go down to any one of them and you will be able edit their attributes
to make them the best as possible. Do this to every one of your team members to
dominate the league.

Easy card points:
Select quick play or franchise mode. Set the number of innings to 1 then score by
any means while holding the CPU to a no hitter. When the single inning game
ends, you will be awarded card points for having a perfect game and a no hitter.

Easy hits:
Pause game play immediately after the pitcher releases the ball. You will be able
to see the pitching icon.

Easy season win:
In season mode, go to the GM office, then go to the player editor. Set all your
players to A+ then go to all the other teams and make their All-Star players a D-.

Taunting Commentary:
Remain idle while pitching and the announcers will start taunting your pitcher.

Get Barry Bonds:
Ok, so you see that on the Giants roster Barry isn't there, he signed some deal
that said he couldn't be there this year. You see a guy named Wes Mailman right?
Well he took Barry's spot. Just change his name and skin color and BOOM you
have Barry Bonds.

After hitting a homerun, hold or tap the R trigger to blow kisses to the crowd and
tap L trigger to do other celebrations.

Homerun Hit:
When you hit a homerun when your guy is coming home from third hit L or R or X
to give a chant from the player.

Extra Crowd Taunts:
When you hit a homerun, on your trot home, hit Y X or B to do the extra crowd
taunts. These are much better than the L and R taunts.

Press Y to wave your arm in the air in a victor march.
Press B to Clap hard and shake your head.
Press X to clap softly.

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