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Spider-Man 2

Programmer save:
When starting a new game, enter HCRAYERT as a name ("Treyarch" spelled
backwards), then go back and enter any name of your choice. The game will start
in progress, with over 40% completion, 201,000 Hero points, with Swing Speed
and Web Zip upgrades, and "Big Game Hunter", "Alien Buster", "Shock Absorber",
and "Tentacle Wrangler" ranks.

Defeating Rhino:
When Rhino tries to hit you, there will be a flash above Spider-Man's head. Press B
when this happens. When Rhino stops spinning, he will be dizzy. Punch him until he
recovers, then he will charge at you. Jump over him. Do not punch or web him. If
you web him you will get hurt. If you punch him it will not have any affect because
there is metal around his body.

Defeating Mysterio:
When you are fighting Mysterio at the Speedy Mart, the battle is very short. Just
punch him a few times to defeat him and prepare yourself to reveal Mysterio's true

Defeating Bosses:
When facing the Rhino or other Bosses, press Up to make everything slow down
except yourself. This move also allows you to punch and hit much more effectively.

Following Black Cat:
In the missions where you have to follow Black Cat, try not to swing from building
to building because you will not be very accurate and fall too far behind. Instead,
try flinging yourself from building to building. To do this, hold the Jump and when it
is fully charged, also hold Turbo. Then, still holding Jump + Turbo, run to the edge
of the building and release Jump, but continue to hold Turbo. This will fling Spider-
Man farther than just jumping, and is much more accurate than swinging. Also, if
you are just about to land on a building, but are slightly short of making it to the
top, try using the zip line when you can still see the top of the building. Note: You
must buy the zip line first. It should attach to the top and zip you over.

Saving the reporters from Mysterio:
When you start the level, you are on the top of the Daily Bugle. Charge your jump
and sprint towards the destination marker and begin swinging. When Spider-Man
says "The conference is starting, I'm going to be late", you should be near a black
building with green lights behind it. The green lights are the conference hall. Sprint
through the center of this building and start swinging to the right. The entrance is
on the right hand side. Sprint into the building and directly to the stairs. Sprint up
the right-hand side to the top floor and in the second door on your left. Note:
Jumping up floors saves a few seconds, but do not wait to charge your jump.
When you enter the room, there will be an intermission sequence of Spiderman
meeting Mysterio, and two reporters hanging from the balconies. Save the one on
the right first, since he is closest to falling. When you pull him to you by pressing
Y, charge your jump and sprint towards the balcony that you came in on. When
you reach the edge of the balcony, release Jump. The jump alone will not get you
there. When you start to fall, cast a web and swing onto the balcony. Press Y to
put the reporter down. Repeat this for the reporter on the left. When you have
safely rescued the two falling reporters, go back to the balcony on the right. There
should be another reporter on that balcony. Repeat the steps for saving the falling
reporters. Swing down to the stage and fight off some of Mysterio's alien flyers
Note: Your web attacks will not have any effect on the flyers, however your
normal attacks will. Grab one of the reporters and charge a jump. When your
jump is fully charged, jump straight up. When at your full height, cast a web and
wait for it to stop swinging. Repeat this until at maximum height. Start swinging
towards one of the two balconies that the reporters were on. If you are not high
enough, charge a jump and release. Repeat this for the other two reporters, then
finish of the flyers. An intermission sequence will start, and you will have
completed the level.

Reaching Liberty and Ellis Islands:
The only way to get to Liberty Island and/or Ellis Island is to hitch a ride on the
patrolling helicopters that surround the islands. To do this, stand on the edge of
the Manhattan island where you can see the Statue Of Liberty and the other island
(Ellis Island). Then, look up and watch for helicopters. They are much easier to
spot in the daylight hours, and may only appear during this time. Then, charge-
jump and web-sling to attach to one. Wait for it to get close to the island and/or
the other helicopter. You will know when to make the jump for the islands.

When you must get to Liberty Island, keeping swinging to the island until you see
eight little red dots. Then, drop into the water and you will float all the way over to
the island.

Mysterio's Apartment: Exiting Wall Of Mirrors:
Go up to a mirror and punch it three times as the clone is coming out. Then, beat
the clone up. Using a Web Ball works well. Be very careful to only approach one
mirror at a time, as the Spider-Man clones that appear are very difficult to defeat
if there are too many. Repeat this until you find the door that you can use to exit.

Farther web swings:
When you are swinging, hold L + A. Release when you are about to get make
another web shot come out. This will make you go farther.

Faster wall running:
When running up a wall and are about to fall, quickly press A and hold B. You will
go faster for a moment. Keep doing this until you get up the wall.

Continue beating:
After defeating a criminal after a crime, you can keep beating on him until you

Complete Story Mode :
The code is Treyarch backwards which is HCRAYERT. It gets your 40% ahead,
starts you off with 200,000 hero points and also a few upgrades.

Defeating Doc Ock:
When you fight Doc Oc for the last time, save up your Spidey Sense energy. When
it gets too full or half-way, let him get close and active it. This will help you defeat
him without losing health. Note: If you can get good hits on him when three of his
four arms are down, you will take little damage if you are careful.

When facing Doc Ock in the final battle, stand your ground in a corner and let him
approach you. When he arrives, beware of his tentacles. Dodge them one by one
pressing B when Spider- Man's head flashes, then respond to each dodge by
pressing Y and shooting a web at the Doc's tentacles to bind them to the wall or
the ground. When all four tentacles are bound to either the ground or the wall, run
towards the Doc by holding L then pressing X, performing an uppercut which sends
the Doc in the air. Then, hold and release A and continue to press X rapidly. When
the Doc falls to the ground, continue to perform combos to him by pressing X, but
beware of his tentacles. Doc Ock will use them to throw you repeatedly. Web out
of there after one combo and move to another corner and repeat the process until
the Doc is defeated.

Defeating Shocker:
To defeat Shocker the second time that you fight him, climb up the wall directly
across from Black Cat and press the switch. The force field will deactivate. Then,
charge towards Shocker. Stay away from the middle, as Shocker will stay on the
sides. Uppercut him into the air. Jump up and do an air combo. He will fall down.
Charge him again and do the same thing. This time he will start to charge for a
blast. Run away and do charged jump as far from him as possible. The force field
will turn on again. Repeat the strategy from beginning. When Shocker loses about
half of his life, Black Cat will shut down the force field for good.

Defeating enemies:
To defeat enemies that block your attacks, have guns, or dodge your web, use the
Web Splash maneuver. This will quickly cover them up with webbing and will make
them easier to defeat.

Destroying Orbs at the Statue Of Liberty:
First, attach to one of Mysterio's "UFOs" and it will fly you high up. Jump off and
Websling around until you are close enough to an Orb to Webzip toward it. Once
there, you will remain floating. Just use a simple punch attack to destroy it.

Hang a thug on a streetlight:
If you are in a street fight and need to hang up thugs for a little while, press X(2),
Y, B at a thug . This will hang him up onto a lamp post. You have to make sure
that you are near a lamppost in the first place.

Movie Theatre:
After Doc Ock is defeated and the credits finish rolling, Chapter 16 starts and the
Movie Theatre can now be bought at the Upgrade Store. The Movie Theatre
upgrade costs 1,000 Hero Points. After you purchase it, swing over to the movie
theatre and activate the Change icon to choose from Activision Logo, Treyarch
Logo, the Credits, and 3 demo videos.

Fight Arena:
After Doc Ock is defeated and the credits finish rolling, Chapter 16 starts and the
Fight Arena can now be bought at the Upgrade Store. The Fight Arena upgrade
costs 5,000 Hero Points. After you purchase it, swing over to the Shocker
Warehouse near the Lower East Side. Enter the warehouse through the large bay
doors. Go to the main room where the first battle with Shocker took place. Access
the marker to start the fight. At first, only "Timed Rounds" is available, but playing
it to Round 3 unlocks the Endurance Rounds option. Completing Round 3 unlocks
the Boss Rounds option. The Boss Rounds includes the various villains from the
game with thugs.

Swing Speed 8 Level Upgrade:
After completing Chapter 16, Chapter 17 starts and unlocks the Swing Speed Level
8 upgrade at the Upgrade Store. The Swing Speed Level 8 upgrade costs 50,000
Hero Points. Using it earns the Speed Freak award.

Wallsprint Level 2 Upgrade:
Get all 150 Skyscraper Tokens.

Saving Aunt May from Doc Ock:
First, fail the mission by losing Ock. Then when you restart the mission next to the
helicopter, Web Swing and try to attach a Web Swing to the helicopter.

It is much easier to web swing to the helicopter, or make your web attach to the
chopper. All you have to do is dodge the buildings. It is also possible to attach you
web to other choppers that are just flying around in the city.

Arcade mini-games:
There are four mini-games at the Arcade: Dodge Hall, Directional Attack, Web
Attack, Air Combo. Enter the Arcade, then go to the back of the room. Press X to
activate the marker to start the Dodge Hall mini-game. Complete round 3 to
unlock the Directional Attack mini-game (which is more of a tutorial). In the
Directional Attack mini-game, follow it as instructed to unlock the Web Attack mini-
game. This is also basically just a tutorial. In the Web Attack mini-game, follow it
as instructed to unlock the Air Combo mini-game.

Reaching the arcade:
Go to Han's Pizzeria (the pizza icon on the map). Stand facing the front door and
the neon sign (so that you see Spider-Man's back). Turn to your left and go down
the street past the blue star icon for Race 95 and continue pst the first intersection.
Go to the second intersection at the end of the grassy area (across the street is
the blue star icon for Race 96). Stay on the side with the grassy area, and turn
left. Go down the sidewalk with the grassy area on your left until you reach the T-
shaped intersection. Cross the street and continue going straight, past the
white/gray awnings. On your left side is an alley. In that alley is a storefront with
green-trimmed windows. Go into this alley and you will reach the entrance to the
Arcade. Above the Arcade door is a sign depicting an old Atari-style controller.
Note: The Arcade is a location used at the very beginning of the game during the
tutorial narrated by Bruce Campbell.

Getting upgrades:
When you are in need of more moves, fly around the city and look for buildings
with a web-like top on them. Sometimes the buildings will be very small and are
white, which may make the web almost invisible. There are also different color
webs, which will make the web more visible on your map in the lower right side of
the screen. Inside of one of those stores, you will see a gold spinning decal which
you should "open up". This will bring you to the upgrade screen, where you can
spend your Hero Points to get other attacks and much more.

Vulture Lair:
When you reach a hole in the netting you will reach a open space. Advance Web it.

Easy Skyscraper Tokens:
Go to the map of the city and look very closely at the buildings. You will see little
gold dots on top of the buildings. They represent the token locations.

Free fall:
In order to free fall you must first be on top of a building. Just run or walk off and
you should form a diving position. If you were high enough, the game should
shake and you can see the speed. You can do this with the construction worker
that you were supposed to "save" from falling off of the building, but when you
land you will just roll and the construction worker will not be affected. Note:
Sometime when you free fall you will lose health if you hit the ground head on.

Avoiding bad cop aim:
When the cops need your help and are being fired at, they will fire at you instead
of the bad guys. Do more Spider Sense mode to dodge.

Getting better moves and awards faster:
Always do a lot of crime fighting while not fighting Bosses in order to be able to
buy all of the moves after each chapter. By doing this, you can do a variety of
moves against Bosses and other enemies.

Human punching bag:
Tie a enemy to a lamp post using the Web Hanger move. You can then just beat
them up until you get tired of doing so.

Spider-Man: The Movie references:
Certain building can be referenced to the first Spider-Man. For example, the
skyscraper where you have the final fight with the Vulture in the first game can
also be found in the second game. The bridge where you fought the Green Goblin
can also be found in the game, but you cannot pass about halfway on it to the next
city. Also, the bridge that the Green Goblin tries to blow-up and you must save is
also in this game.

Twin Towers location:
The very accurately New York City. It is actually possible to find the lights pointed
to the sky that replaced the Twin Towers. It is located on the southwestern side of
the city near the coast. It will be found in a big space on the map, and its a lot
easier to see at night when the lights are on.

Last Speed Upgrade :
To get the 8th speed upgrade you must get up to the 16th chapter and defeat it.
When the new chapter starts get 50,000 hero points and go to the shop. Swing
upgrade 8 should be there unless you haven't upgraded it before.

Evidence of Vulture Fight:
Go to the Chrysler building (the other huge sky scraper near the empire state
building), up far enough to where there are green pyramids on 4 corners of the
building, and go around the building. You should find green feathers on the
building, referring to the first game when you fought Vulture there.

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