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Beating the Spider Queen:
Having trouble beating the queen down in the temple? On your mini-map you
should notice that there are little indents in the room. Stand in front of one of
these little indents and wait for the Queen to charge, move out of the way and she
will be stunned. Then attack her from behind using combos like X,X,A+A+A+A or
A,A,X+X+X+X. After the Queen starts shooting 3 purple blobs at you, change from
combos to the tornado kick move. The long annoying battle will be a walk in the

Spirit Strikes
You are invincible when charging up for a spirit strike so you can use them
defensively as well as offensively.

Easy Florins:
In the Shadow World, there is a Grim Reaper that pays gold for Spirit Orbs. After
you have obtained the weapons for each character from him, he buys the Spirit
Orbs for Florins. Use the save point after the bridge then go through the gate and
kill all the monsters. Leave, then go through again. The monsters will have
respawned. Keep collecting the orbs and sell them.

To save a lot of Florins during the game for weapons and armor, kick over every
barrel and box that you see to get the free items and not have to buy them from
the stores. . If you want fast Florins, sell all of the items you find to the shops.

Defeating the Final Master:
Power up Tai as much as possible. Have a lot of SP Restores and a very strong
sword. The Master is extremely powerful and is very fast. Keep using the Tai Earth
attack and you should defeat him.

Juggle attack:
Note: To do this attack you must use either Tal or Buki. When fighting an enemy,
press X(2), A then follow it with A(3). The last button combo will juggle the enemy,
and does more damage then a regular attack.

Hukin's Fate:
After you get Ailish in your party on your way back to Haskilia, you will pass
through Noland Farm. Go inside the house and go downstairs to find a chest
containing a weapon for Tal called Hukin's Fate. This sword casts poison on

Transentia: Defeating the Prototype Robot:
When you reach the city of Transentia, find the elevator and take it to the floor
with the university and Kamo's item shop. Just outside the item shop is a ladder.
Use Tai to climb it and a robot will tell him that he can challenge the Prototype
Robot Warrior. Note: Only Tai can challenge him. Climb the second ladder and the
fight will begin. This is a very difficult battle, however if you use the following
strategy you will win. However, this requires time and patience. It is also
recommended that you use a weapon with a high critical and moderate strength.
The robot has few attacks. One is a single strike, the next is a double strike, and
its most powerful attack is a charged 360 degree that will instantly kill you (you
cannot block it). When the battle begins, run to bottom left corner and start
blocking. When he starts to attack, wait until he does the double strike attack (it
has a yellow streak). After blocking the second strike, hit him once then start
blocking again. Repeat this until he charges up for the instant kill attack. When he
starts glowing, run to the opposite corner and the attack will not reach you. After
the attack, run back to the first corner. This corner is best because it has the least
camera problems. Repeat this process until it is defeated. By following this
strategy you can defeat the robot without getting hit. The fight will take some time
to finish, but you will win. Once the robot dies it will drop a large gold bar that you
can sell for a lot of Florins. Open the chest on the platform and you will get another
of Tai's Wolf Totems.

Getting the heart for the robot:
Go back down to the mines and defeat one creature after you get the crystal for
the professor. Note: Do not use the portal.

Grave Stone Humor:
Before facing Heigou, check out the gravestones in the Darkened Gardens. One is
actually a reference to Zero Wing. It says, "All this grave belong to me." The rest
of them are pretty funny too.

Alternate way to beat the Spider Queen:

There are four individual walls covered with green slime at the edge of the arena.

Attack behavior of the Queen Spider:

1. Venom spitting, the pre-attack of Charging attack.
2. Charging, it will always charge to attack to Buki from the centre of the arena.
3. Stomping, a few seconds right after the charging attack

Method to beat the Queen:

1. Place Buki, in front of the green wall and face the Queen Spider.
2. Watch out for purple venom spat from the Queen Spider.
3. Before it charges, it will raise up it two front leg (that is the indicator for you to
get ready to dodge its attack). To dodge the charging attack, you can either run
away or use right trigger and left thumbstick to side roll.
4. Once it misses the attack, it will stick on to the wall for a few seconds, and it will
struggle to break free. This is the golden opportunity to attack it.
5. Attack it for a few seconds and move out of its stomping attack range.
6. Once the stomping is over, it will move back to the center of the arena to
recharge itself.
7. Repeat steps 1 to 6.

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