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Star Wars: Battlefront

Maps for Instant Action:
Beat missions in Historical Campaigns to unlock them for Instant Action.

Bespin Concept Art:
Beat the Bespin-The Liberation of Cloud City in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil

Endor Stills:
Beat the Bespin-Battle in the Clouds in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.

Hoth Concept Art:
Beat the Hoth-Battle of Hoth Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.

Geonosis Stills:
Beat the Geonosis-Battle of Geonosis Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars.

Yavin Concept Art:
Beat the Yavin 4-The Fall of Yavin 4 Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil

Weapons and Units Stills:
Beat the Rhen Var-Mountaintop Defenses Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone

Star Wars Battlefront Art:
Beat the Kashyyyk-Aggressive Negotiations Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone

Tatooine Concept Art:
Beat the Tatooine- Siege of Mos Eisley Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic
Civil War.

Naboo Stills:
Beat the Naboo-Rebellion on Theed Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars.

Kamino Storyboards:
Beat the Kamino-Assault on Kamino Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars.

Select all Planets:
Go to "Historical Campaign" mode (in single player) Select the Era you want to
play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War). You should now be on the Planet Selection
screen. Hit: X, Y, X, Y. You can now scroll Left/right through all the planets.

Blaster Rifle Head Shots:
The accuracy of the infantry's blaster rifle decreases dramatically the longer you
shoot. However, the first 3-4 shots will almost always be dead on target, making it
a deadly snipe tool even over moderately long distances if you keep the bursts
short. A great benefit that comes from sniping with the blaster rifle is the rapid fire
which can give you up to three head shot points per kill if you're aim is on. For
these reasons, selecting the sharpshooter is really only necessary for sniping over
really long distances. On most battlefields though, the scope on the blaster rifle
should suffice, also greatly improving your chances at close encounters.

Kill a Jedi Hero:
To kill a Jedi hero instantly just play a level with starfighters and land the
starfighter on top of them.

Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War): Destroying AT-Ats:
Choose the pilot, and get into a Snow Speeder. Find another infantryman and get
him into the copilot seat. When you fly to an AT-AT, pull back the Right Analog-
stick and start circling it, while trying to stay low to avoid its laser cannons.
Eventually your copilot will shoot the towing cable at its legs. Continue circling for
about four times around, and it will explode. Also, always attack the AT-AT in the
back to avoid laser cannon fire from the other vehicle.

Another way to defeat the walkers is to take control of the Snowspeeder as the
pilot. When you get near the walkers, switch places so that you are in control of
firing the tow cable. When the cable is attached, the CPU pilot in the speeder with
you will complete the final wrap around.

Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War): Defend against Snowspeeders:
To defend your AT-ATs against Snowspeeders, simply move them close together.
To wrap around the AT-AT's legs, a Snowspeeder must get close. The second AT-
AT next to you will keep them farther away. Also, two AT-ATs can rip apart enemy
lines better the one.

Tattoine Dune Sea (Instant Action): Killing Jedi:
Start at an area with a Speederbike or STAP. Go to the Sarcaas and fend off
Tusken Raiders until a Jedi appears. When near, shoot at the Jedi with the
Speederbike or STAP, and do not let the deflected shots hit you. The Jedi will come
close. When the Jedi is in range of the Sarcass, speed away. It will not be your kill,
but the Jedi will die, then respawn. You can then kill them the same way again.
Note: Do not do this immediately -- wait until the Tusken Raiders are almost all
gone or away from the Sarcaas.

Alternate costumes for the Rebels and Imperials:
In some maps, the characters use different clothing to match their environment.
The following a list of alternate costumes that can be seen.

Imperial Pilot: Hoth pilot suit (Hoth map), Imperial Commando uniform (both Yavin
and Kashyyyk maps, Tatooine: Mos Eisley map, and Endor map)

Rebel Marksman: Hoth camo (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps)

Rebel Pilot: none

Rebel Trooper: Hoth uniform (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps).

Rebel Vanguard: Hoth uniform (Hoth map)

Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, and Scoutrooper: Snowtrooper armor (Hoth map)

Wookie Smuggler: Snow covered fur (Hoth map)

Instant action missions:
Successfully complete a mission in historical campaign mode to unlock the same
mission in instant action mode.

Killing Jedi in Bespin Platforms:
When battling in the Bespin platforms level, if you see a jedi near the edge, throw
a grenade or missile at him and see him fall to his doom. He will respawn of
course, but you can do this as many times as you want!

Tattoine Dune Sea: Take a command post and destroy enemies faster:
Capture all the command posts around the Sarlaac Pit then take one of the Rebel
Speeders. Land it next to the pit. All of the enemy troopers should come close or
next to you, and be dragged into the Sarlaac Pit.

Naboo Bacta Tanks:
In Galactic Conquest, the Naboo Bacta Tanks are very effective when used by the
CIS. The Droidekas will regain most of their health while their shields are up,
making them even more difficult for opponents to destroy.

Recon Droid:
The sniper's Recon Droid has a self-destruct mode. When you press L, a timer
begins. This is an effective means of taking out strategic turrets. This works best
when you begin the countdown before you arrive at your target.

Killing Tusken Raiders:
Steal Rebel tank and go to a Tusken camp. Sit there with the turret gun and kill
them. Do not use the cannon or they will know that you are there.

Bomb run:
Select any level as either the Empire or the Republic. They both have a person
with a jetpack. Spawn anywhere with a jetpack character. Wait for your jetpack to
fully charge. When you are ready, jump into the air and start throwing grenades
wherever a big cluster of enemies are found. This trick works better for the
Republic Jet Trooper, because he can hover instead of jumping high and he has
more grenades. For example, if you are a Republic Jet Trooper, jump in the air,
then go forward while throwing grenades repeatedly; or hover in one location and
focus a few or all your grenades in one location. Also, if a grenade hits an enemy,
it will hurt their health.

OK start at any planet battle front(you HAVE to be in the clone wars for this to
work). chose any trooper you would like. Now when a droidcayes shield goes up
go in front of it and crouch(the droidcaye will NOT shoot you but other enemies will
so be careful and also this does not work on human players so be VERY
careful).Now wait until the shield goes down and then shoot it's computercips out!
(this may not work 100% of the time.)

Baby Wars mode:
Enter Jub Jub as a case-sensitive profile name. All the models in the game will use
the Ewok skeleton and turn the game into "Baby Wars". All infantry units will be
half their normal size, and their head seems to be much closer to their shoulders.
Note: First person view remains the same height.

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