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Halo 2

Here the 411 on the newest enemy that has been added to the covenant armada.
They are the giant creatures deemed holy by the covenant called Brutes.

Dual Wielding
These are the following weapons that can be Dual Wielded.

1. Human Pistol (Weaker)
2. Plasma Pistol
3. SMG
4. Needler (Stronger)
5. Plasma Rifle
6. Covenant

When you dual wield you are bringing death to your enemies, but the bad thing
bout dual wielding is that you can not throw grenades, Melee attack, and reloading
takes much longer.

Same primary and secondary weapon while not dual wielding
This trick can only be applied to weapons that can be dual wielded. For this trick to
work, you need four dual wielding weapons in one place. Two or three weapons of
the total four weapons must be the same, but remember a minimum of two of
same weapon is necessary in order to have same weapon for both primary and
secondary slot. For example, have two needlers, an SMG and a plasma rifle. To
get two needlers, carry one needler as your primary weapon then select anything
else but the needler (such as the SMG gun) as your secondary weapon. Note: You
cannot select the same weapon as your secondary any way. Dual wield plasma
rifle with the SMG then go to the needler that is on the ground, hold X, and
substitute the second needler with the SMG gun. Then, throw the plasma rifle away
by pressing B. You are left with the Needler as both your primary and secondary

If you are in a closed area (small room, hall way, etc.) then hold only 1 weapon,
so you can throw grenades. If you are in a open area (big room, outside, forest,
etc.) than have 2 weapons in hand because grenades will be useless.

Be The Gunner
Get to a 'Hog and jump in the gunner/passenger seat and let the marines drive. It
will be x2 more effective than you driving (it depends on your skill).

Weapons List
Here is a Complete list of the weapons:

x:can dual
h:can head shot
z:can zoom once
z:can zoom twice
l:can lock on
s:Splash damage
b:uses a battery(non reloadable)
sp: Single player only

1.Magnum(pistol) x,h
2.SMG x
3.Battle Rifle z
4.Shotgun s
5.Sniper Rifle 2z,h
6.Rocket Launcher l,s
7.Plasma pistol x,b
8.Plasma rifle x,b
9.Brute plasma rifle sp,x,b
10.Covenent Carbine 2z
11.Brute shot s
12.Needler x,l
13.Covenent sniper rifle 2z,h,b
14.Fuel rod cannon s,sp
15.Sword l

Become  a Clown
When faced with the enemy tank, turn to the left 4 times and then press A, X, Y,
Black. Your player will now turn into a Clown.

Unlock All Weapons Multiplayer mode
Go up to an Elite with a sword, and kill him by hit him with a machine gun. Once
you have killed him go on until you get to the next checkpoint. Once have got a
checkpoint turn your Xbox off and then on again. When you go back on to that
level again you will have all the weapons there are.

Invisible with a shild.
Fined two items one is blue that is the one to make you invisible and the other is
red that gives you a shild.

Kill a hunter
Shoot the hunter very slow so when they shoot dodg the shot run at them and let
him charge at you dodge the chard and let him go by you and the when he bends
over hit him the back.

Unlock Levels
You can unlock the foundation MP map by finishing campaign mode on easy.
There are also two other maps to unlock: Marathon and Conclusion.
Try to finish harder modes to unlock these levels.

Banshee tricks:
When in a Banshee, press A and a direction on the Left Analog-stick.

When in a Banshee, hold A and press Left Analog-stick Down.
The Banshee will do a backflip.

To do tricks in a Banshee, press Left or Right on the Left Analog-stick
and hold A to do a barrel roll, or hold Down + A to do a loop.

Multiplayer Map - Foundation
Beat the single-player campaign on any difficulty.

Using a destroyed machine gun:
You can use a destroyed machine gun; for example, in Zanzibar after you fire a
rocket to one of the turrets on the left and right on the main base. Just go back to
them and the screen will prompt you to hold X to operate. This can be useful
during heated sessions.

Flying sword:
Have the sword when an enemy is very close. You can jump and do it, or run and
jump to them, then press B. This is a one hit kill for Flood, and a two hit kill for
some Covenant and the shield Flood.

Unlimited ammunition or power:
This trick requires levels that have either Covenant or Marines following you. If
you have a powerful weapon that has very limited power (for example, the energy
sword, or Covenant sniper), or weapons that are very powerful (for example,
Human sniper or rocket launcher) give them to the A.I. following you. As they use
them, the weapons will never run out of power or ammunition. Also, they can use
them very well.

Stealing vehicles:
When playing a multi-player map with vehicles, you can steal vehicles such as the
Wraith from your opponent. Approach the vehicle while holding X. Note: This
removes your opponent from the vehicle only; you must press X a second time to
board the vehicle.

To get a Wraith, you must get up close to it by first destroying the side guns.
You will see a message to press X. Do so, and you will be hanging on the side of it.
Then, tap B to punch the door in. Next, press L and throw a grenade in. Jump off
and go back in by pressing X, and you will now be driving the Wraith.

Use the following trick to knock enemies out of vehicle safely. Note: This only
works with a fast moving, non-flying vehicle. First, stand by a wall or something
that they can crash into. Try to get the opponent to run you over, then jump out of
the way after about a second of contact. He should then crash into the wall. When
he does, go directly next to it and hold X. You should now be in the vehicle.

Snipe from vehicle:
Piggyback on a Banshee. Before one member of your team gets into the Banshee,
jump on top of the Banshee's pilot cover. When you get in, you can just stand on
top of it. Only make turns with the Right Analog-stick. They are slower and do not
tilt the Banshee. More than one player can stay on top of the Banshee. This
provides extra fun if you want to do aerial tricks with friends by jumping from
Banshee to Banshee.

Piggyback ride on vehicle:
With almost any vehicle, you can get a piggyback if you are not skilled at driving
or need a fast ride when someone on your team is already on a Ghost. This also
works with the Scorpion, Banshee, and the Warthog when you have someone in
the gunner seat, when you are all far enough away from the enemy.

Crazy mode
On the first level go through the archway beside the lake of blood. Once you're on
the other side turn to the left and you will see a green leafy plant. If you walk up
to the plant and press x, right trigger, left, up, down. Commander in Cheif will eat
the plant and go crazy. He will run around and do this wierd dance.

Blind Mode
At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a
crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long
dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black
for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or

To get rid of this feature use the following method:
Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit.
after go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station.
Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit.
after go Outskirt and your hud is back.

In a tank press A three times and then get out. Now jump up three times and
shoot three bullets of each of each gun you have. Wait and after few seconds two
more master chiefs will come on to the screen and will follow the same instructions
you give to the original.

Stripper Mode
During the Campaign, Press:
A,X,B,B,Y,Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Click, X, Y, W, B, W, B, W, B, W, B, W,
B, Right, Right, W, B, Black, Y, A, X, B, Left Click, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Left
Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Back, Start, Start, Y, B, X
(Board a Ghost with this last button).

Make sure that you are over a pile of weapons because you want to be dual
wielding throughout the entire code. The result will be once you get out of the
ghost after you kill at least 5 enemies by boosting, that you will be transformed
into a Cortana looking HOTT Female, wearing the Master Chief Helmet. Some how
master chief has taken the role of Cortana.

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